David Zurawik: Sinclair cancels Boris Epshteyn segments it once made 'must-carry' for news stations

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Sinclair Broadcast Group is canceling its must-carry "Bottom Line with Boris" political commentary segments from Boris Epshteyn, a former communications and campaign aide to President Donald Trump, according to a report by NBC News.

A spokesman for Sinclair confirmed to The Baltimore Sun that Epshteyn's commentaries had been canceled.

The servile pro-Trump commentaries were a source of widespread criticism for the Maryland-based broadcaster.

"Since joining Sinclair in April (2017), Epshteyn has consistently parroted Team Trump's position in 'Bottom Line With Boris' segments," I wrote in June of that year. "Some of his commentary has come as close to classic propaganda as anything I have seen in broadcast television in the last 30 years."

They have only become more saturated with White House talking points as the impeachment process has heated up.

Sinclair's response to such criticism was to double down in its support of Epshteyn and to decree that all its owned stations, which produced news, must carry them.

As of today, Sinclair still publishes a daily newsletter from Epshteyn, which is even more propagandistic than his on-air commentaries in its support of Trump.


Sinclair is also dropping commentaries by Ameshia Cross, according to a spokesman. She was presented as offering a liberal point of view by the broadcaster.

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