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We’ve Got Our Eyes on You, 2022! 

Tom Purcell on

Hello, 2022.

We hope you’re not expecting to get the honeymoon treatment that most New Years have gotten throughout history.

You see, 2022, most of us are very cranky here in the USA and we have our eyes on you.

It’s nothing personal, 2022.

It’s just that our hopes for the last two New Year’s have fallen far short of our expectations.

We remember the high hopes we had for 2020 — which seems many decades ago.


That year got off to a really great start. The economy was thriving. Employment was high. Inflation was low. Energy was abundant — and cheap.

Half of the country and most of the media grumbled about our orange-haired president who said embarrassing or divisive things and sent out strident tweets in the middle of most nights, but we knew we couldn’t have everything.

One of the few minor problems we had in January 2020 was that gasoline prices had spiked all the way to $2.57 a gallon — 34 cents higher than they were a year earlier.

With gas now on track to hit $4 a gallon, we had no idea how spoiled we were back then.


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