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The Merry Return of Christmas Cards

Tom Purcell on

Christmas card trends are telling — they speak to the mood of the country — and this year’s trend offers some positive news.

According to the Washington Post, hand-written “snail-mailed” Christmas cards are all the rage, particularly among millennials who all of the sudden are spending more on Christmas cards than baby boomers.

We baby boomers came of age well before everything went digital.

I still have and cherish the hilarious hand-written letters my friends and I shared during our college years in the ‘80s, when we were spread all over the nation.

One of my most prized possessions is a letter my grandfather wrote in 1921. He died when my dad was only 3 years old, but the old letter offers a connection to the grandfather I wished I had got to meet.

For a long time, Christmas-card writing was a big social event.


The card itself didn’t matter so much as the funny notes my friends would write and the pleasure and enjoyment we would experience when the cards arrived in the mail.

I can’t recall the last time I wrote and snail-mailed a letter to a friend. And I likewise stopped hand-writing Christmas cards long ago, as most of my friends have.

Maybe millennials will inspire us to resume the annual practice.

They came of age in the digital world, where everything — even Christmas cards — is automated and bulk mailed.


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