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A Revival of Horse Sense?

Tom Purcell on

Here’s another interesting COVID-enabled trend to ponder: More Americans are leaving big cities and the suburbs to live in rural communities, according to NextAvenue.com.

I hope the trend grows because it would be good for the American psyche.

As it goes, the move to the country makes a lot of sense to some people.

In rural America, you can buy more land and bigger houses for a lot less money. That’s great for retirees.

With crime on the uptick in big cities, more Americans are seeking low-crime rural areas.

And now that remote work has become common, why not move into the wilderness and enjoy nature every day?


My house is located on the edge of the suburbs on a tract of land surrounded by trees. While the suburbs are on one side of my humble homestead, rural America is immediately on the other.

My rural neighbors have long been suspicious of me.

I barely know how to start, let alone fix, a tractor motor. Worst of all, I hire people to do work on my house, instead of doing it myself.

It’s hard for me to forget one regrettable instance in which I got a flat tire on my wheelbarrow.


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