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Save Water, Shower with a Bureaucrat?

Tom Purcell on

Our mother did that.

My poor sisters sported the Farrah Fawcett shag haircut that was popular at the time. Washing and conditioning their long locks required lots of shower time, which meant high water and heating bills — until my mother found the master shut-off valve.

If any of us went one second over our allotted time limit, off the water would go.

Nowadays, we have the federal “mother” limiting our water intake — which is why a crazy showerhead debate is raging in Washington.

According to The Hill, the Biden administration’s  shower regulators intend to propose a rule reinstating the Obama administration’s 2013 definition of “showerhead,” which the Trump administration had changed to allow more hot water to flow upon America’s tired and groggy heads.

In 2013, you see, President Obama’s environmentally conscious shower bureaucrats had classified a “showerhead” as a single entity, regardless of the number of nozzles it had.

They decreed that each showerhead must be limited to 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), but Trump’s showerhead officials wanted to apply the 2.5 GPM limitation to each individual nozzle on a showerhead, not the entire showerhead.

A showerhead with four nozzles, then, could allow 10 gallons of water to flow per minute — which is shower Heaven or Hell, depending on which side of the issue you are on.


If you like the freedom to choose among hundreds of innovative showerhead options, including options that limit water flow and cost, you’ll want the Trump rule to remain.

But if you want the power of the federal government to control how much water and energy every American is permitted to consume, you'll want the Biden administration to reverse the Trump rule.

Whatever your position on the showerhead issue, one thing is for sure: The federal government has got so meddlesome, you can’t even take a shower without it joining in.


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