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My Dad Taught Me How

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Need to learn how to unclog a shower drain, jump-start a car, shave your face without bleeding to death or successfully address dozens of other practical adult daily activities?

Rob Kenney offers this kind of basic “dad advice” and millions are tuning into his YouTube channel “Dad, How Do I?” to hear it.

Kenney, who promises his subscribers he’ll do “my best to provide useful, practical content to many basic tasks that everyone should know how to do,” told Buzzfeed he began making YouTube videos after his 27-year-old daughter would call him “with countless ‘adulting’ questions.”

“Every day she was calling me and ... I thought, ‘What do other people do when they don’t have that resource?’ ”

Kenny was painfully aware of what it was like to lack a fatherly resource. His parents divorced when he was a child and his father won custody of Kenny and his siblings.

But when his father walked out on the family in 1978, when Kenney was 14, he and his brothers and sisters had to learn “the ropes of adulthood” by themselves, reports the HuffPost.


Prodded by his daughter’s endless “how do I” questions, Kenney created a YouTube channel that teaches young adults the basic life-lessons he missed out on growing up without a father in the house.

Boy, did his video posts strike a chord.

In only a few weeks they went viral. Kenney currently has nearly 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, proving there’s clearly a hunger for the simple “dadvice” that he provides.

My father will be 88 soon and he still tells me about the hunger he has for his father, who died in 1937 when my dad was only three — a hunger I’m unfamiliar with because I am still blessed to have my dad in my life.


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