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The Value of Organized Religion to a Representative Republic

Tom Purcell on

Fewer Americans are attending traditional church services. Fewer are attending Catholic schools, too.

According to Gallup, the number of Americans who belong to a church, synagogue or mosque continued to decline last year, dropping below 50 percent for the first time in Gallup's eight-decade trend.

And thanks to the COVID pandemic, ABC News says enrollment in Catholic schools has seen the largest single-year decline in at least five decades.

I’m not sure what this rapid secularization of America means for our future.

But I do admit I wish more of today’s children could experience the memorable upbringing I enjoyed growing up in a Catholic family.

Growing up Catholic in the 1970s meant going to a Catholic school.


Unlike too many schools today, in which some teachers fear their students, it was a time when we students of St. Germaine Catholic School feared the sisters.

The sisters ran their classrooms in a structured, orderly manner, and they took guff from no kid.

The floors were so clean, you could eat off of them. The blackboards had a brighter sheen than a Cadillac fender.

And our desks, which were subject to frequent and unannounced inspections, were expected to be organized at all times.


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