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The Puppy Solution

Tom Purcell on

Coffee. I need coffee. And sleep. And food.

I picked up my Lab puppy, Thurber, four days ago. I have spent every waking moment since happily tending to the little guy’s considerable needs.

Before I got him, I was cocksure I’d mastered the proper training techniques to bend my little guy’s will to mine.

“No dog of mine is going Number One in my house,” I boasted to anyone who would listen.

“No dog of mine is going to lack discipline,” I protested.

“No dog of mine will sit on my furniture!” I said, arrogantly.


How are things working out?

I have my carpet cleaner on speed dial. Discipline is overrated as it intrudes on fun. And right now my bundle of joy is sitting on my beloved leather recliner, staring at me with black, doughy eyes that make me feel like a pat of butter in a frying skillet.

It’s obvious the training strategy isn’t going well - though he’s teaching me as fast as he can.

His endless cuteness, hilarity and affection are melting my heart and making me laugh out loud all day long.


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