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The Vanishing Art of Empathy


Joe Biden reminded the world what grace looks like.

Robert Trump, President Trump’s younger brother, died Saturday. In response, Biden tweeted:

“Mr. President, Jill and I are sad to learn of your younger brother Robert’s passing. I know the tremendous pain of losing a loved one - and I know how important family is in moments like these. I hope you know that our prayers are with you all.”

Biden’s grace reminds us that despite how heated political rhetoric can be, we’re all human in the end - and when tragedy and death occur, we must set our differences aside and celebrate our common humanity. We must demonstrate our empathy.

Regrettably, empathy is on the decline for many.

Just minutes after Robert Trump’s death, some Donald Trump opponents showed the opposite of compassion by tweeting that “the wrong Trump died.”


“Almost immediately after news of his death was released, tweets calling for the US President’s death were posted using the hashtag #wrongtrump, which quickly became the number four trending topic on Twitter,” reports the Advertiser.

Such class.

Politics tends to bring out the worst in us. President Trump, no stranger to vitriolic tweets, brings out the worst in a lot of people.

But empathy’s decline preceded Trump’s presidency. It’s been declining for years.


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