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Trump lost and his lawsuits are garbage. But please keep donating! The grift must go on.

Rex Huppke, Tribune Content Agency on

Soon-to-be-not-president Donald Trump lost the election.

He is losing every court case he and his Elite Strike Farce of buffoon-American lawyers present.

His claims of massive voter fraud (there wasn’t any) and a grand conspiracy (there isn’t one) are only slightly less ridiculous than his expressed belief that he won in a landslide (he didn’t, and actual landslides should sue him for damaging their brand).

This remarkable streak of failure might leave some asking: “When does this all become just a bit too embarrassing, even for Trump?”

The answer is simple: Never.

Trump isn’t capable of feeling embarrassed. In his mind, he has never done anything to merit such an emotion. He has never lost at anything. He has never failed.


More importantly, however, is that for Trump and his children and the many who sold their souls for a spot in Trump’s polluted orbit, the grift must go on. Admitting failure, while crucial for democracy in this instance, would be unacceptably bad for grifting. This crowd of faux patriots will gladly run roughshod over the country if there’s money to be had.

Need proof? Immediately after the Nov. 3 election, people on Trump mailing lists began getting emails pleading for donations to fund recounts or to help with something called the “Official Election Defense Fund.” That fund’s website shouts, “THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO STEAL THIS ELECTION!” and “We can’t allow the Left-wing MOB to undermine our Election.”

Of course, the website’s fine print shows just how swiftly Trumpian grifters part fools from their money: 75 percent of each donation, up to $5,000, goes first to a Trump political action committee called “Save America.” Only after meeting that $5,000 threshold does a dime from the 75 percent cut make it to a so-called recount account. The remaining 25 percent of each donation goes to the Republican National Committee. Put more simply, if you donate $100, no money goes to the election fund while $75 goes to Trump’s PAC and $25 goes to the RNC. You would have to donate about $6,667 before any money would go to the election account, and even then it would only 25 cents.

The New York Times first reported on the “Save America” PAC, quoting Brendan M. Fischer, an attorney at a watchdog group called the Campaign Legal Center: “Small donors who give thinking they’re helping to defend the integrity of our election are in fact largely helping to finance Trump’s post-presidential political ventures.”


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