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Dear Trump supporters: I’m sorry Joe Biden won. It’s definitely my fault that you hate me.

Rex Huppke, Tribune Content Agency on

If one thing’s clear in the wake of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump, it’s that liberals like me need to reach out to people who spent the past four years dehumanizing us and show empathy.


I’m told this cannot wait and it’s wholly incumbent upon us, the liberals, to spend time trying to better understand the millions of Americans who voted for Trump and who reacted to every tweet we ever posted with a photo of Trump and the words, “CRY HARDER LIB!!”

I feel bad that I have yet to begin my search for common ground with the people who chanted breathlessly for jailing Trump’s political opponents, but I guess I was waiting for them to first accept the results of the presidential election. That was rude of me to think acknowledging reality should be a prerequisite for me to feel deeply concerned about the emotions of people who think Democrats rigged an election but forgot to rig it well enough to win back the U.S. Senate.

I apologize, and I hope that with time, the people who still believe former President Barack Obama is a Muslim will forgive me and let me into their lives so I can gain knowledge and understanding.

After all, I can count on no hands the zero times over the past four years Trump supporters reached out to me in an attempt to bridge the political divide between us. And thank goodness for that, as it might have torn them away from tweeting “HAH! TRIGGERED!” at liberals who were feeling truly hurt by or worried about the actions of the Trump administration.


What’s important now is that I, a liberal, reach out to the person who emailed the day after the election to call me “a worthless pile of human garbage.” I must recognize that that person is hurting. I must take the first step, and that person should certainly not need to engage in any self-reflection. It is my fault he called me human garbage. Hopefully time can heal that wound.

Some might argue it’s impossible to find common ground with people willing to believe there was massive voter fraud when the only evidence presented is conspiratorial word salad served by Trump’s bug-eyed attorney, Rudy Giuliani, outside a Philadelphia lawn care company next to a porn shop.

And some might cynically suggest it’s hard to take people seriously when they insist the media can’t call an election, since they raised no such objection when Trump won in 2016.

But I’m told it would be just like an evil liberal to think such things. Clearly I must do my part, surrender some of my firmly held beliefs and appeal to people who think I should leave the country because all my beliefs are un-American.


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