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Trump’s dance, McConnell’s COVID cackle show reckless disregard for surging pandemic

By Rex Huppke, Tribune Content Agency on

President Donald Trump thinks he’s handling the coronavirus pandemic so well he started dancing at a campaign rally this week.

Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell, during a debate in Kentucky, had a long laugh when the pandemic was brought up.

And Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, said Monday night: “People don’t die of this disease anymore.”

Great! I guess we can all relax and declare COVID-19 yesterday’s news.

Recently hospitalized with the virus, Trump was onstage at a Monday campaign event in Florida. Masks were optional, even though coronavirus cases are surging in the state. It was an epidemiologist’s worst nightmare come to life.

But for Trump, it was time to celebrate. He did a little dance to “Macho Man” by Village People, a song his campaign might consider researching more carefully. The president looked absurdly triumphant.


The more than 215,000 Americans who died of COVID-19 so far this year could not be reached for comment, though I can’t imagine they were thrilled about the unsavory man dancing on their graves.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell was debating his opponent, Democrat Amy McGrath, in Kentucky on Monday. When McGrath criticized McConnell’s handling of the pandemic, he smiled. Then he started laughing as she spoke, because a virus that has crippled the economy and left millions of Americans unemployed is, apparently, hilarious.

I suppose it’s also funny that, rather than moving heaven and earth to pass a bill to help the aforementioned unemployed Americans, McConnell and his fellow Republican senators are pushing through a new Supreme Court justice, a judge whose very willingness to be confirmed at this moment in time is disqualifying.

I suppose this all is funny. HAH! It’s funny because hundreds of people are still dying each day, thousands are still getting sick and Republican leadership has adopted an attitude of, “Hey, that COVID-19 thing ain’t a big deal. Suck it up, buttercups.”


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