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After weekend of massacres, America needs to look in the mirror and be horrified

By Rex Huppke, Tribune Content Agency on

Good morning, America. Look in the mirror.

Stare hard. Think about what you're seeing.

You see the bodies, don't you? The bodies from the weekend. Twenty-nine of them, bullet holes and bloody clothes and all. Maybe there are more by now.

You look away from the mirror a moment or two and a couple of fresh bodies are bound to show up.

That's America right there. That's you, baby. Quite a reflection.

Does it make you mad? Or sad? Do you shed tears looking at the 22 people murdered in El Paso?


Do you want to lash out and smash that mirror when you see the human beings -- nine of them dead, 27 wounded -- mowed down in a 30-second burst of blood and bullets in Dayton, Ohio?

You've looked away from that mirror for so long it's a wonder you can find it, a wonder your neck hasn't bent arthritically from a head hung in shame.

What else do you see in that mirror now, America?

You see anger. Hatred. You see white men, faux-threatened, fed baseless fears. You see a country that's a tinderbox led by a blowtorch.


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