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Damn the bullets, damn the guns and damn those who pull the triggers

By Rex Huppke, Tribune Content Agency on

Damn the bullets. Damn the guns they come from. And damn the people pulling the triggers.

Candice Dickerson was with two of her three sons at the counter of a cellphone shop on Chicago's South Side Friday when a stray bullet struck her in the back of the head. She dropped, right in front of her children. She died.

Because of a bullet. A gun. And some fool pulling the trigger.

WLS-Ch. 7 interviewed her 12-year-old son. Dickerson was at the store buying him a cellphone -- a reward for a good grade. He talked about how they didn't have a lot of money and he hoped to one day be an engineer and buy her an Audi and a mansion.

"Then she's gone," he said, barely composed, tears in his eyes, his lips quivering. "She's gone."

I watched that video over and over Sunday night, at the end of a weekend when it seemed every headline was a warning that America has lost its mind.


"1 dead, 3 wounded in shooting at California synagogue on last day of Passover."

"Gunman opens fire on West Baltimore cookout, killing 1, injuring 7 others, police say."

"Gary 14-year-old killed by stray bullet fired during car chase, police say."

"7 dead, 1 critical in Tennessee shooting spree."


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