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Trump speaking language of hate

By Rex Huppke, Tribune Content Agency on

The words of an anti-Semitic killer and the words of the president of the United States should not intersect. In America in 2018, they do.

The paranoid fears of mentally unstable citizens shouldn't be fed by the unchecked rantings of the president of the United States. In America in 2018, they are.

The president of the United States should not speak in anti-Semitic code words or promote anti-Semitic conspiracies. In America in 2018, he does.

The man accused of killing 11 Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue ranted about "globalists" and actually criticized President Donald Trump for not being enough of a "nationalist." Trump himself speaks forebodingly of globalists, and has proudly declared himself a nationalist.

The man allegedly responsible for the deadliest attack against Jews in American history saw the migrant caravan slowly moving through Mexico as an invading force that must be stopped. Trump has done everything he can to make that caravan seem like an existential threat to the country.

The Pittsburgh terrorist -- because what else do you call someone who slaughters innocents in a place of worship? -- bought into right-wing conspiracy theories about liberal billionaire George Soros. Trump has spun conspiracies about Soros, suggesting, among things, that he's funding liberal protesters.

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Words like "globalist" and "nationalist," along with conspiratorial talk that paints a Jewish billionaire as a malevolent force, are anti-Semitic dog whistles, and they have been since long before Trump entered the political arena.

Don't take my word for it. Just look at the language the Pittsburgh terrorist used, the same language used by white supremacists in the vilest corners of the internet.

Trump uses that language willfully, unapologetically. He has been warned about it, told it's the lexicon of the darkest souls among us.

And he doesn't care.


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