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Trump's vile tweet shows he's an abnormal president

By Rex Huppke, Tribune Content Agency on

Why do you keep writing about Donald Trump? Why don't you give it a rest?

I hear that from some readers. And on Sunday morning, once again, the president of the United States provided me with an answer.

Trump retweeted an internet meme, a video of him taking a golf swing that then cuts to video of Hillary Clinton stumbling as she enters a jet. The video was edited so it looks like a golf ball hits the former secretary of state in the back, causing her to fall down.

Get it? Trump hit a former first lady in the back with a golf ball. That's apparently funny enough that the president of the United States of America saw fit to share it with his 38.5 million Twitter followers.

It gets worse. The tweet containing the video was posted by a user with the totally respectable name @Fuctupmind.

As I'm sure the leader of the free world would never retweet a person without carefully reviewing that person's background, I'll assume Trump is cool with the content of these other tweets sent by that same user:

Nov. 29, 2016: "Please get rid of the Hasidic Jews. They are the worst people on the planet. They have taken over areas in NY right by me."

April 8, 2017: "Sometimes you have to be a dead Muslim, sometimes you don't. #MuslimBan"

May 31, 2017, referencing the video of Clinton stumbling: "The bitch needs a kickstand. I'm inventing the #Clinton Kickstand. Poor man's patent."

June 28, 2017: "Susan Rice, stop trying to bait. No one cares your vagina is black. We care that you're an unmasking criminal dirt bag. Race card over."


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