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Texas storm rescues reveal a common humanity

By Rex Huppke, Tribune Content Agency on

I don't think the 15-year-old's faith made any difference to anyone as he and his father made life-saving runs through the neighborhood.

In the city of Dickinson, a CNN crew came upon an elderly couple and their daughter trapped in their home with the water rising. They helped rescue all three, none of whom seemed concerned about "fake news" or media bias. They were all just safe, in a boat, sharing a bond that will not be forgotten.

Go on Twitter and search "Houston hero" and you'll find an array of images and videos of different people, some hoisting dogs to safety, some guiding boats along flooded streets or carrying children from submerged homes.

There's a singularity about these folks: They're good people doing good things. And there isn't anything else about them, or about the people they're rescuing, that matters.

The Washington Post's website featured a video of a man named Howard Harris in Cypress, Texas. He has an aluminum boat and has been cruising the neighborhood picking people up and taking them to higher ground.

We don't know much of anything about Harris, other than that he owns a boat and has a heart. He could be a staunch conservative or a wacky liberal, in favor of a border wall or against one.

Who knows? And when record-setting rains are falling and people's lives are at risk, who cares?

He is a human being with a boat. And in that moment, in that situation, the many issues dividing this country reveal themselves for what they are: divisive only up until we need someone, or someone needs us.

Another gripping part of the Los Angeles Times story was this:

"At the water's edge, a Houston Police Department high-water rescue boat hauled out a trio of men in their underwear: Alex Domingues, 41, Mitchell Calderon, 19, and Emanuel Calderon, 20, all of them grinning. They had stripped down to their skivvies to swim to the rescue of an elderly man and woman, who by now were also in the boat.


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