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Not really so smart, it would appear -- or armed. Griesemer's father told The Washington Post that neither he nor his son owns any guns.

As much as I'd like to impugn the president, a temptation he seems to enjoy nurturing, it's premature and probably dangerous to link his idiotic "fake news" diatribes with this man whose apparent unhinging could be attributable to any number of factors.

Who knows what thoughts the caller harbored or what rage simmered within? Is he a tortured soul, a bullied child, a friendless dreamer? Was he hoping to act on his rants, or was he exploring his capacity for vileness? Without a statement -- or a manifesto, as these things tend to go -- it would be impossible to discern whether Trump's was the voice in his head.

There is surely no paucity of people who harbor an irrational hatred for the media. All journalists have heard from them, which is why our workplaces are fortresses and why we glance a third time over our shoulders before turning the corner toward home. Trump didn't create those people -- or their distemper -- but he did make a conscious decision to mine and legitimize their darkest inclinations in exchange for power.

This alone doesn't make him culpable if someone goes off the deep end, but it does make him a despicable human being, which is bad enough. In a president, it's unpardonable.



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