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Women's rage unleashed

Kathleen Parker on

It was her own version of a special place in hell for women, even a daughter, who persist in supporting Donald Trump.

It wasn't always thus, Mr. Irony interrupts. For months during the campaign, Bzrezinski and her now-fiance, Joe Scarborough, gave Trump free rein on their show. "Morning Trump," some dubbed it. In recent months, perhaps in penance for helping Trump get elected with free airtime, the couple has become his morning nightmare.

Perhaps, too, Trump's personal insults of Brzezinski have turned her into a feminist avenger. On Tuesday, she peered piercingly into the camera, singeing the cameraman with her gaze, and schooled press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

"Today is your day" (to stop supporting the president), she told Sanders, who wasn't present or anywhere listening, as far as anyone knew. "This has got to stop. Do the right thing." Whereupon, Trump chortled with the glee of a schoolyard bully who delights in making the girls cry.

Brzezinski's moment wasn't quite Walter Cronkite's "mired in stalemate" declaration of U.S. failure in Vietnam, but she clearly decided to part with journalistic tradition and make Trump's takedown her personal mission. As her message intensified, her male guests remained stoic while Scarborough had the look of a boy trying not to do anything that would attract Momma's attention.

If Trump in his strange way had hoped for such a reaction, Alabamans likely enjoyed the distraction after months under the microscope. Media attention has been so intense not only because of the tawdriness of the campaign but because the stakes were so high. Would Alabama go backward or forward?


This shouldn't have been a tough choice, but Team Bannon, Trump and Moore have effectively convinced voters that what is true is false and what is false is true. There is surely a special place in hell for such as these.


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