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Arming teachers could backfire on students

Esther J. Cepeda on

CHICAGO -- An Ohio sheriff, a few fervent bloggers and, implicitly, even our nation's education secretary recently suggested that preventing the next school massacre might be as simple as permitting teachers to carry guns.

People took to social media to roar that many schools can't even afford pencils, let alone armaments.

First, as a teacher in an under-resourced school that educates students with extremely low family incomes, let me say: The pencil struggle is real.

My district counts sheets of paper used per teacher at the copier. Dry-erase markers are hard to find. And whiteboard erasers? Forget about it. I have adequate whiteboard space in my classroom only because I keep buying whiteboards with my own money and putting them up with picture hangers.

We only have a decent stock of Post-it notes and lined filler paper because a charity donated a whole case to our school last fall.

And pencils?

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I keep my cup filled by picking discarded pencils up off the floor after lunch and after school when the gettin' is good for lost and discarded items.

So, yeah, a lot of schools wouldn't have Glock money in the budget.

For the record, however, it must be said that very few people are suggesting that school districts buy guns for teachers to use in protecting school buildings.

An idea that has been floated is allowing teachers who are already licensed gun owners to be trained to work with school resource officers to defend their buildings in case of violence.


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