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Targeting teacher tax credit hurts students

Esther J. Cepeda on

And hey, let's not forget that this is in addition to the late-summer plan floated by the Trump administration to end the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which helps teachers who take on these super challenging public service assignments. The GOP has also considered a grab-bag of other cuts that help train teachers and keep class sizes small.

But the truth is that even if these tax cuts go through, the short-term fall out will be minimal.

Teachers will continue to go above and beyond to ensure that the students in their care are as well taken care of as possible during the school day.

In the long term, however, the antagonism the federal government seems to have toward its teaching corps will wear. Teachers close to retirement will flee, while bright-eyed, idealistic new teachers will enter crumbling schools, spend their own money to help their students, and devote 18-hour days to the daunting task only to quickly burn out and leave the profession.

There will be more impassioned speeches, op-ed columns and news stories about how difficult it is to staff the neediest schools with the most high-performing educators.

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And in the end, there will continue to be millions of public school teachers still forking over their own hard-earned money to provide their students a small measure of comfort in the face of a federal government that doesn't value their efforts.


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