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Coronavirus finally proves that teachers are essential

CHICAGO -- After years of educators staging massive walkouts and lobbying school boards to improve their dismal working conditions, it finally took the coronavirus to succeed in proving that the humble teacher is essential to a functioning American economy.

Parents across the country are at their wit's end trying to balance work, running a ...Read more

Public education has been shattered into a thousand little pieces; What will emerge from the mess?

CHICAGO -- Educators, academic experts, parents and -- in their own way -even kids have been saying that public education is broken for nearly two decades.

Now, as schools announce they'll be closed for the remainder of the academic year, public education has been yanked into a thousand little pieces, and no one knows what will emerge from the ...Read more

Surgeon General needs to choose his words more carefully

CHICAGO -- Everybody drinks: Whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, old people, young people, married moms in their "wine o'clock" T-shirts and suburban dads brewing craft beer in their basements. The list is endless.

So why did U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams hold a press conference at the White House last week to deliver what was, essentially, ...Read more

Immigrants are a complex community, not easily sorted into devils or angels

CHICAGO -- Is it true that in some detention facilities, immigrants are in cramped quarters -- with little access to fresh food, potable running water or soap -- putting them at high risk for contracting covid-19?

Yes. This has been well documented by immigrant advocacy and watchdog groups who have either witnessed such conditions or been told ...Read more

Can we come out of this pandemic with more empathy for low-income parents?

CHICAGO -- For whoever needs to hear this: We're in the middle of a global pandemic -- it's OK to cut yourself some slack.

And if that means you let your children largely ignore their distance/electronic learning, well, then so be it.

That may be a shocking thing to hear from a professional educator. In the minds of some, every parent in ...Read more

Will we be ready for Election Day?

CHICAGO -- Wisconsin went ahead with its primary on Tuesday, illustrating in the process how voting is an actual hardship during a global pandemic.

Polling places were scarce in both rural and urban areas because of a shortage of poll workers, many of whom feared for their health. People who couldn't get to a polling place or who worried that ...Read more



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