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The devil's in the details of police reform

Diane Dimond on

The time for serious police reforms has come. There is no ignoring that fact. Cities and states around the nation are already working on what those reforms will look like.

Colorado just implemented a new set of standards that other jurisdictions are sure to study. This new set of standards:

-- Bans chokeholds.

-- Limits an officer's use of deadly force to life-and-death situations only.

-- Prohibits police from shooting at a fleeing suspect.

-- Mandates body cameras for all local and state police by 2023.


-- Mandates public release of all body camera footage.

-- Mandates officers to report other officers for wrongdoing.

-- Mandates officers to report every contact with a criminal suspect and include the person's race, gender and ethnicity.

-- Allows officers to be held personally liable (up to $25,000) if they are found guilty of violating an individual's civil rights.


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