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Biden is the best candidate to beat Trump

WASHINGTON -- Joe Biden's limitations as a presidential candidate are so obvious that they're almost a litany: He's too old, too white, too male, too touchy-feely, too loquacious. But he has one huge plus: He may be the person who could move Donald Trump out of the White House.

Biden rightly put the obligation of replacing Trump at the center ...Read more

America must break out of its 'terrorism fatigue'

WASHINGTON -- One disturbing aspect of the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka was that the slaughter of 321 victims came at a time when America is suffering what might be described as "terrorism fatigue."

The wars against al-Qaida and the Islamic State are part of a painful past that policymakers and the public want to escape. Those Middle ...Read more

Mueller report shows that the American system hasn't buckled

WASHINGTON -- President Trump's conduct in office has been diminishing the moral capital of the United States for more than two years. The report by special counsel Robert Mueller released Thursday puts a little of that capital back in the bank.

Mueller's 448-page account is an affirmation that the rule of law still exists in America, despite ...Read more

How Xi overplayed his hand with America

WASHINGTON -- In the rebalancing of Sino-American relations that's underway, the usual roles are reversed: China's normally deft President Xi Jinping appears to have badly overreached in seeking advantage. And President Trump, who often seems tone-deaf on foreign policy, is riding a bipartisan consensus that it's time to push back against ...Read more

Does Assange merit First Amendment protection?

WASHINGTON -- Is Julian Assange a journalist? The Justice Department sidestepped that question in its indictment of Assange. But his case is still certain to stir a debate about whether the WikiLeaks founder deserves protection under the First Amendment.

Assange was arrested in London Thursday, as U.S. prosecutors unsealed an indictment ...Read more

Trump administration's Iran sanctions could backfire

WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration's "maximum pressure campaign" against Iran assumes that economic sanctions are weakening the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps -- and that more sanctions will make the IRGC weaker still. The problem is that U.S. and European intelligence analysts don't think this forecast is accurate.

"Re-imposition of ...Read more

Private-equity fund sparks entrepreneurial energy in Egypt

CAIRO -- You can't find many success stories in America's sour, sullen relationship with Egypt over the past decade. Mostly it's been a tale of mutual suspicion, thanks to erratic American policy and growing Egyptian political repression.

But talking with Amal Enan, a 33-year-old Egyptian economist, you realize what a healthy relationship could...Read more

Aspiring journalists in Egypt know the perils of seeking the truth

CAIRO -- What do you say to a class of Egyptian journalism students who know that the price of speaking too freely -- telling truths that the government doesn't like -- could be imprisonment and worse?

"Be careful," was my first admonition to the aspiring journalists gathered last weekend at the American University of Cairo. But I told them ...Read more

For the U.S.-Saudi relationship to thaw, MBS needs to answer on Khashoggi

WASHINGTON -- It has been nearly six months since Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered inside Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul, but the aftershocks continue. The U.S.-Saudi defense and intelligence partnership has been rocked. The future of the relationship is on hold, pending answers from Riyadh.

This case is personal for us at The ...Read more

Moscow shouldn't misjudge the Mueller moment

WASHINGTON -- Russian claims this week that they've been exonerated by Robert Mueller's final report make my skin crawl. But they highlight the critical question of how the U.S. and Russia can begin to move back toward a saner relationship.

Frankly speaking (as Russians like to say), the first step is for Russia to stop pretending that it didn'...Read more


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