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America's leaders could learn much from the ghosts of 1918

WASHINGTON -- What would the ghosts of 1918 -- not just the soldiers who were slaughtered in the trenches of World War I, but the statesmen who failed to make a durable peace afterward -- tell politicians a century later about the perilous world we inhabit today?

Ruminations about past and present are inescapable this week. America just ...Read more

America needs a leader who can capture the high ground of technology

AUSTIN, Texas -- A conference here to gather American business and military experts to discuss the coming revolution in artificial intelligence was a good Election-Day measure of the challenges ahead to maintain the U.S. competitive edge.

Corporate and government leaders agree that China's rapid application of AI to business and military ...Read more

Mattis walks the Trump tightrope over sending U.S. troops to border

WASHINGTON -- When President Trump issues an election-time order to send up to 15,000 troops to confront what many experts say is a non-existent threat on the U.S.-Mexico border, what should Defense Secretary Jim Mattis do about it?

Mattis' answer, so far, has been to support the president and mostly keep his mouth shut. He gruffly batted back ...Read more

In Pittsburgh, 'Hate has no home here'

PITTSBURGH -- From a distance, the Tree of Life Synagogue now looks like another American crime scene. Police tape blocks off the Wilkins Avenue entrance of the temple, and patrol cars guard the perimeter with flashing lights.

But just at the yellow-tape barrier, the closest spot to the horror of what happened here Saturday, people have left ...Read more

Khashoggi was part of a long tradition of brave Arab journalists

WASHINGTON -- Why was Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman so afraid of Jamal Khashoggi that he reportedly gave orders this past summer to bring the Washington Post contributor back to Saudi Arabia?

We'll still be left with that question after the Saudi and Turkish investigations are done, and the designated culprits are convicted. What was the ...Read more

Saudi royal family circles its wagons amid Khashoggi crisis

WASHINGTON -- Of all the people who have anguished responses to the death of Jamal Khashoggi, Prince Turki al-Faisal is a special case: This pillar of the Saudi establishment says in an interview that he is "shocked" by the loss of his longtime protégé, but is standing behind King Salman and the crown prince during this period of crisis.

"...Read more

What did U.S. spy agencies know about threats on Khashoggi, and when?

WASHINGTON -- Saudi Arabia must conduct a serious, no-holds-barred investigation of the apparent gruesome murder of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi. The kingdom's relationship with America, and its access to global financial markets, hangs in the balance.

But in the meantime, the Senate and House intelligence committees should begin...Read more

A brooding crown prince searches for a scapegoat

WASHINGTON -- Inside his royal place in Riyadh, Mohammed bin Salman is said to have alternated between dark brooding and rampaging anger in the days after the death of Jamal Khashoggi, as the crown prince looked for someone to blame for what Turkish officials have said was a grisly murder.

One possible scapegoat, according to several sources, ...Read more

Jamal Khashoggi -- a Saudi patriot and an indomitable journalist

WASHINGTON -- The long road that took Jamal Khashoggi to the front door of the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and the horror that lay inside began in the 1980s in Afghanistan, when he was a passionate young journalist who supported the Saudi establishment -- but couldn't resist criticizing the royal family when he thought they were wrong.

...Read more

Western spy agencies strike back

WASHINGTON -- One of the most satisfying moments in any spy thriller is when the bad guy -- the black-hat operative who has been killing and tormenting his adversaries -- does something dumb and gets caught. That's essentially what's been happening recently with Russian President Vladimir Putin's pet spy agency, the GRU.

What's fascinating ...Read more

Jamal Khashoggi chose to tell the truth. It's part of the reason he's beloved.

WASHINGTON -- George Orwell titled a regular column he wrote for a British newspaper in the mid-1940s "As I Please." Meaning that he would write exactly what he believed. My Saudi colleague Jamal Khashoggi has always had that same insistent passion for telling the truth about his country, no matter what.

Khashoggi's fate is unknown as I write, ...Read more

Trump's bullying tactics with Iran could backfire

WASHINGTON -- President Trump seems convinced that he has found the formula for success in foreign policy: Bully your adversaries, sanction them, squeeze them -- and then flatter them and make a deal.

Trump followed this approach with North Korea and he got a showy summit meeting in Singapore last June with Kim Jong Un and a pledge (encouraging...Read more

'The Apprentice' shows that Trump's debacles are self-inflicted wounds

WASHINGTON -- Reading Greg Miller's gripping new account of President Trump's entanglement in the Russia investigation, it's striking just how many of the president's difficulties have been self-created. Trump sees enemies everywhere around him; he should look in the mirror.

As the book's ironic title makes clear, Trump has been "The Apprentice...Read more

America is living under a volcano

WASHINGTON -- America watched three searing versions of reality television this week. They all demonstrated that under the glare of the lights and the stress of questioning, character reveals itself.

Christine Blasey Ford was a startlingly powerful witness before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, in part because she had been unknown to ...Read more

The GOP's counternarrative on 'Russia collusion' doesn't add up

WASHINGTON -- President Trump and his allies like to claim that the real "Russia collusion" story involves Justice Department and FBI officials, investigators hired by Hillary Clinton's campaign, and Russians who were feeding them information.

After reviewing scores of documents and messages released by Trump supporters in Congress, I find that...Read more


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