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How About Celebrating History’s Unsung Mothers?

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Since you asked, my niece Claire is expecting her first baby in August. Her sister Emma is expecting her second child in October.

I have faith that both young ladies will someday earn a spot in a Hall of Fame for Mothers.

Alas, history is littered with mothers who DIDN’T receive proper recognition. Here are some particularly egregious examples:

The mother of “Washington Post” owner and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who once scolded him, “Democracy dies in darkness? It smells like something died in your room! Now get it cleaned up or receive same-day delivery of corporal punishment!”

Teddy Roosevelt’s mother, who offered, “If the riding is going to be rough, let Mama put a little talcum powder on your tushie. And stop carrying that big stick - you’ll put an eye out.”

Albert Einstein’s mother, who consoled, “No wonder the other children won’t play with you, Albert. It’s supposed to be “E-I-E-I-O’ - not whatever it is YOU’RE saying.”


Biblical strongman Samson’s mother, who fretted, “Why are you having a meltdown? All I said was that I put a lock of your hair in your baby book.”

Emperor Nero’s mother, who insisted, “No one remembers a fiddle player. That’s why your father and I are paying for kazoo lessons.”

Rock star Steven Tyler’s mother, who urged her little toddler, “Walk this way…walk this way…no, not toward the toys in the attic…”

Bram Stoker’s mother, who put little Bram to bed with an admonition of “Try to think about something other than bedbugs biting.”


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