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Meet Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party's 2020 presidential nominee

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The progressive presidential hopeful who wants to defund the police state and replace walls with turnstiles at the U.S. border isn't Joe Biden.

The gun-toting, tax-slashing swashbuckler railing against Medicare for All and singing capitalism's praises isn't Donald Trump.

Only one candidate can simultaneously outflank Democrats on the left and attack Republicans from the right while somehow seeming more moderate than either side's septuagenarian standard-bearer. Meet Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party's 2020 presidential nominee.

The Clemson University psychology professor just wrapped up a 20-city bus tour, speaking to small but enthusiastic groups of supporters and perhaps winning a few converts along the way. In Durham, North Carolina, more than 300 people waited in the rain to hear Jorgensen's message of limited government and personal freedom.

As Biden betrays the Black Lives Matter movement's calls for criminal justice reform, fearful of straying too far from the mushy middle, Jorgensen pledges to end no-knock police raids like the home invasion that led to Breonna Taylor's death and curtail qualified immunity, which protects bad cops from being sued for police brutality.

"As your president, I will defund federal involvement in policing -- including the DEA, which instead of protecting and serving, imports nameless, faceless SWAT teams to our streets," Jorgensen said. "I will end the supply of surplus military equipment like tanks and tear gas to over 8,000 federal, state and local police forces. They only make Americans feel like enemy combatants in their own neighborhood."


An ill-fated drug war filled jails and prisons with convicts whose crimes had no victims. What's more, Jorgensen says, the crackdown strengthened cartels and street gangs. In black markets where there's no legitimate civil authority to resolve disputes, the capacity to commit violence means power in the pecking order.

This Libertarian is no libertine. She acknowledges the destructive force of heroin and opioid addiction. She just understands that locking drug users away has a poor track record for rehabilitation.

"I will pardon anyone convicted at the federal level of victimless crimes and instead allow the medical community to deal with substance abuse issues in a way that salvages lives instead of destroying them," Jorgensen vowed.

As for immigration, Jorgensen cites statistics showing foreign-born American residents are less likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens and waves of new workers correlate with gross domestic product increases.


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