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Donald Trump, our first millennial president

Catherine Rampell on

As with millennials, Trump has taken on loads of debt -- though to be fair, that seems to bring much more joy to Trump than to 20- and 30-somethings. Maybe because real millennials expect to pay it back.

Let's face it. Morally lax, prone to revisionist history and obsessed with identity politics, Trump exemplifies all that is annoying and wrong with my generation -- at least according to every Lena-Dunham-despising crank who once walked uphill both ways.

Maybe he's not crashing in his parents' basement (though he is currently living rent-free). And he probably doesn't consume much avocado toast. But where it counts most, he's one of us.

By that I mean his career expectations.

Like any true millennial, Trump refused to pay his dues in an industry where he had no experience. Instead, on the strength of his personal brand alone, he declared himself entitled to the top job. Self-promotion leading to immediate professional promotion? It's the stuff of millennial dreams.

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