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The report Trump officials don't want you to see

Catherine Rampell on

The Senate budget resolution, for example, includes language that could help sideline any CBO analysis of the tax bill.

Surrogates on the Hill and executive branch have also been (somewhat incompetently) smearing the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. The center recently produced a preliminary analysis of the Republican tax framework. It estimated that by 2027 the proposal would increase deficits by $2.4 trillion, with about 80 percent of tax cuts going to the top 1 percent.

Asked about these numbers on ABC's "This Week," Mnuchin claimed that no one can credibly estimate the effect of the plan, given how many details are still up in the air. In virtually the same breath, he also asserted that the plan will reduce deficits by $1 trillion and primarily benefit the middle class.

Those two statements can't both be true, at least not simultaneously.

In other words, no matter how hard Trump officials try -- and as this report disappearance demonstrates, they're trying hard -- they can't keep their own lies straight.


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