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If Trump were an immigrant, he'd probably be deported

Catherine Rampell on

Trump's total: 18. To be eligible to join the applicant pool of those trying for a points-based immigrant visa, you need a minimum score of 30.

If you want to be more generous (and less cheeky) than I, you could decide that Trump would score in the top decile on the English test. That would grant him an additional 12 points, bringing him just up to that 30-point minimum.

Even so, not everyone who met that threshold would get in. Roughly the top 70,000 scorers would be selected, when you factor in spouses and dependents they get to bring along. We don't know what the cutoff would be. It might be 65 points, depending on how many apply.

If Trump's even-barely eligible score weren't high enough, he could try again the following year, so long as he still had a legal temporary visa. Otherwise he'd have to leave the country.

If he were really desperate, he could find a U.S. spouse to sponsor him for a green card. Melania to the rescue? Her English has to be better.


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