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Ivanka Trump has learned well from her father's cons

WASHINGTON -- Ivanka Trump is for working women the way her father is for the working class: In both cases, the Trumps really just want their money.

President Trump's daughter built her brand around women's "empowerment," by which I mean monetizing the anxieties and insecurities of stressed-out moms.

From the beginning, her stated goal was to ...Read more

Republicans have only one idea. And Trump's pitch for it is a doozy.

WASHINGTON -- Republicans have one idea and one idea only: That we should cut taxes for the rich. The only thing that changes is the sales pitch.

And the latest pitch, offered by President Trump on Wednesday, is a bit of a doozy.

Back around 2012, when Mitt Romney was running for president, the pitch was that we wanted to encourage "job ...Read more

Trump may see himself in Joe Arpaio

WASHINGTON -- There are lots of compelling reasons not to pardon the country's most famous racist in the middle of a hurricane.

So why exactly did President Trump decide to pardon Joe Arpaio?

Maybe, some speculated, Trump wanted to toss some red meat to his base. Trump's recent Phoenix campaign-rally crowd practically frothed at the ...Read more

Punish public officials who disenfranchise voters

WASHINGTON -- In the federal government and in most states, there are consequences when governments deprive Americans of their constitutional right to liberty -- through, say, wrongful imprisonment.

So why aren't there more meaningful consequences when states deprive Americans of their constitutional right to vote?

Again and again, "voter ...Read more

The imaginary immigrant hordes

WASHINGTON -- Hide your wife, hide your husband, hide your child! The immigrant hordes are already here!

Or so lots of Americans believe -- making it easier for politicians and fringe "alt-right" white-supremacist groups to seize on these fears and exploit them for political gain.

The share of people in the United States who were born abroad ...Read more

Legalizing vehicular violence

WASHINGTON -- Last weekend in Charlottesville, a driver mowed down peaceful protesters and killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer. The act was reminiscent of recent terrorist attacks across Europe committed in the name of the Islamic State, which has urged followers to use vehicles to kill enemies.

As far as we know, the alleged killer in ...Read more

Racism isn't dying out

WASHINGTON -- If there was one silver lining to President Trump's election, it was supposed to be this: Those who voted for Trump because of, rather than despite, his demonization of Muslims and Hispanics; who fear a "majority minority" America; and who wax nostalgic for the Jim Crow era were mostly old white people.

Which meant they and their ...Read more

Feel-good ideas that need a hardheaded examination

WASHINGTON -- Extracting more money from evil, exploitative capitalists has become a rallying cry for much of the grass-roots left. In the meantime, though, it's largely ignoring other important policies for lifting Americans out of poverty.

In a recent column, I urged progressives to more seriously grapple with the cumulative effects of ...Read more

Anti-immigrant Louisiana marriage law struck down by federal court

Love wins. Even for immigrants.

On Tuesday, a federal district court struck down a Louisiana state law denying marriage equality to foreign-born residents. The law had been backed by the religious right, the same crowd that had earlier fought to deny marriage equality to same-sex couples.

The legislation, which I first wrote about last October...Read more

When labor protections backfire

WASHINGTON -- Progressives generally support better labor protections, including policies meant to provide higher wages, more predictable working hours, increased bargaining power, and greater access to paid family leave, sick leave and overtime. And given the raw deal that workers get so often, these are all policies that I generally support as...Read more

If Trump were an immigrant, he'd probably be deported

WASHINGTON -- How might President Trump fare in the "merit-based" immigration scheme he just endorsed?

If he were an immigrant, there's a decent chance he'd get kicked out of the country.

The economy-crippling bill that Trump embraced this week includes much to dislike. It would cut legal immigration levels in half, flouting Trump's prior ...Read more

The most dangerous man in Washington

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most dangerous White House official of them all?

The Mooch may be out of the running, but there's still a lot of competition.

It's not the guy in charge of our nuclear arsenal, who may or may not have realized that was the core of his job description before accepting the post (Rick Perry).

Nor is it the ...Read more

Jared Kushner 'forgets' to disclose his assets? Seize them.

You've heard of the so-called Pottery Barn rule: "You break it, you buy it"?

Maybe it's time for the banana republic rule: "You forget it, you forfeit it."

For the 39th time, top presidential adviser (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner has revised his financial disclosure forms. Kushner disclosed 77 additional assets, collectively worth millions of...Read more


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