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A winning theme for Democrats? Kids.

Democrats have been casting about for a winning theme this November. Here's one suggestion: Kids.

After all, despite once declaring themselves the party of family values, Republican politicians have more recently ceded this territory. The GOP is now the party of state-sanctioned child abuse, of taking health care away from poor children, of ...Read more

The economy's great. That doesn't mean Trumponomics is.

WASHINGTON -- Economic growth surged last quarter. Unsurprisingly, President Trump and his supporters were quick to crow that this means Trumponomics has been validated at last.

But that probably is the exact opposite lesson Trump, and everyone else, should take from the numbers.

On Friday morning, we got an update on how the U.S. economy, as ...Read more

Why do Republicans hate consumers?

Why do Republicans hate consumers so much?

Seriously. It's bizarre. Whenever they get the chance, Republican officials seem intent on bleeding consumers dry. Or at least celebrating others' bloodletting.

Such consumers might be 9/11 first responders and brain-injured National Football League players alleged to have been bilked out of millions ...Read more

China will learn its lesson -- just not the one Trump wants

President Trump wants to teach China a lesson. Unfortunately, the lesson that China learns may be the exact opposite of the one Trump thinks he's teaching.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration released a list of proposed tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese products. This would be in addition to tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese goods partially ...Read more

Repealing Obamacare didn't work. So Republicans are trying sabotage.

Last year, Republicans learned that conspicuously ripping health insurance from millions of poor and sick people would probably cost them votes. So instead, they pursued a sneakier strategy: sabotage.

Undermining Obamacare can be nearly as effective as repealing Obamacare, after all. And relative to a big, splashy legislative vote, boring-...Read more

Can China build an anti-U.S. alliance?

President Trump is right about one thing. China really has been stealing many of America's most valuable ideas.

For years, the Chinese government turned a blind eye to counterfeited U.S. luxury goods, bootlegged Hollywood films, fake Apple stores, trade secrets pilfered from cutting-edge U.S. tech companies. It forced U.S. firms to hand over ...Read more

Trump wants more tax cuts, and I agree. Sort of.

President Trump wants more tax cuts. And for once, I agree with him!

Sort of.

In a Fox News interview that aired Sunday morning, Trump touted his one and only major legislative achievement -- his deficit-funded $1.9 trillion tax cut -- and expressed great enthusiasm for slashing taxes further.

"We're doing a phase two," he said. "We'll be ...Read more

Finally, a family separation story with a happy ending

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO, and LOS ANGELES -- Finally, a family separation story with a happy ending.

It's not the sort of family separation that has been in the headlines lately. But it's illustrative of the many other injustices that the Trump administration has been inflicting upon those navigating our legal immigration system. Absent media ...Read more

Factory workers aren't getting what Trump promised

Factory workers and farmers are slowly learning that President Trump's fanatical protectionism -- plus Congress' economic absenteeism -- has left them painfully unprotected.

That's not what Trump promised them, of course.

A little more than a year ago, Trump invited executives and union representatives from Harley-Davidson to the White House. ...Read more

The real hoax about the border crisis

It's all a hoax. A great big hoax.

Not the family separations, the babies alone in cages, the drugged immigrant children, the stolen toddlers too traumatized to speak, the wailing children whom Ann Coulter slanders as "child actors."

Sadly, those cruelties are all too real.

The hoax is the premise that President Trump's administration has ...Read more


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