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Republicans' inhumanity at the border reveals their grand scam

Since October, more than 700 minor children have been separated from their parents at the border. More than 100 have been under 4 years old.

Some, like an 18-month-old Honduran boy torn from his mother in February, are just toddlers.

"The immigration officers made me walk out with my son to a government vehicle and place my son in a car...Read more

So you're telling me my Subaru is a national security threat?

What -- you didn't know your Subaru was a national security threat?

On Wednesday evening, Trump instructed the Commerce Department to investigate whether to raise tariffs to up to 25 percent on auto imports. The official rationale for launching this probe wasn't that foreign countries were "dumping" their products at unfairly low prices, ...Read more

It's been amateur hour on China negotiations

The Trump administration is supposed to be negotiating with China. But right now it more often seems to be negotiating with itself.

China knows what it wants out of these bilateral negotiations; the White House plainly does not. Trump officials have offered shifting and at times contradictory demands and objectives, further complicated by ...Read more

Congress takes food from 2 million poor people -- and doesn't even save money

Leave it to Congress to take food away from 2 million poor people and somehow save no money in the process.

The House farm bill, scheduled for a vote Friday, contains a major overhaul to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (commonly known as food stamps). In many ways, the legislation -- which, in a break with tradition, was written ...Read more

This is what a death spiral looks like

This is what the start of a death spiral looks like.

Three states have announced preliminary 2019 premium-rate requests for Obamacare individual-market policies, and the numbers don't look good.

In Virginia, the first state out of the gate, insurers requested hikes as high as 64.3 percent. Across all insurers, and weighted for current ...Read more

The GOP is no longer the party of Reagan. It's the party of Michael Cohen.

The GOP is no longer the Party of Reagan. It's the Party of Michael Cohen.

Saint Ronald and his acolytes preached that the way to get ahead in the United States was to work hard and never rely on government to help you out.

By contrast, consider the Cohen blueprint for achieving the American Dream: Work minimally, if you can, and leverage ...Read more

Dude, where's my pay raise?

Dude, where's my pay raise?

The economic recovery is coming up on its ninth birthday. Unemployment has fallen steadily and relatively consistently during both the Obama years and now President Trump's tenure, down to 3.9 percent in April. That's the lowest level since 2000.

Meanwhile, lots of other measures suggest firms are having trouble ...Read more

Marco Rubio and Tom Price (briefly) join the resistance

Who knew Marco Rubio and Tom Price were joining #TheResistance?

OK, that's an exaggeration. But in the past week, both the Republican senator from Florida and the ousted health and human services secretary unexpectedly criticized Republicans' signature legislative achievements.

In Rubio's case, he acknowledged -- at least initially -- that GOP...Read more

Six questions about Trump's economy you were too embarrassed to ask

Over the past few months, President Trump has painted a portrait of a resurgence: After tanking under President Barack Obama, the economy has finally been Made Great Again.

Based on recent polls and my own reader email, much of the public believes this narrative. The word "booming" gets thrown around a lot.

But how has the economy actually<...Read more

Trump is running America just like his businesses -- right into the ground

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly pledged that if elected, he'd run government like a business.

"If we could run our country the way I've run my company, we would have a country that you would be so proud of," he promised during one debate.

Well, he was half right. Trump has definitely run the country the way he ran his ...Read more

Tax cuts were supposed to save the GOP from Trump. Oops.

Tax cuts were supposed to save the Republican Party from President Trump.

Voters would ignore the president's Twitter outbursts; his Cabinet's private-jet and redecoration scandals; the Russia investigation; porn star and playmate payoffs; and many other miscellaneous embarrassments.

Voters were supposed to be so very grateful to have a...Read more

The United States is mortgaging its future

American exceptionalism has meant many things over the years, often referring to our spirit and commitment to individual liberty.

Today it could refer to our exceptional fiscal recklessness.

In its newly released April 2018 Fiscal Monitor, the International Monetary Fund projected that the United States is the only -- yes, only -- ...Read more


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