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Stephen Moore wants people to pay more attention to his economic policies. Challenge accepted.

Stephen Moore wants the media to pay less attention to his idiotic comments about gender and more attention to his idiotic comments about the economy.

Sure thing, bro. Happy to help out.

Moore, whom President Trump wants to appoint to the Federal Reserve Board, has been complaining about a "sleaze campaign" against him. The alleged "sleaze" ...Read more

Warren's free-college-and-debt-forgiveness plan may be liberal, but it isn't progressive

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., might want to work on making her free-college-and-debt-forgiveness plan more progressive.

That might sound like a weird criticism for a candidate already vying for the left-most lane in the 2020 primary. But I don't mean "progressive" in the sense of "more palatable synonym for liberal."

I mean "...Read more

Trump left our allies at the altar. Now he's mad they're moving on.

What a jerk you were to let me dump you.

That's the message the Trump administration is sending to some of our closest allies and most important economic partners. The most recent target is Japan, whom our U.S. ambassador berated last week for not giving us a favorable deal that Japan actually did give us -- before we abruptly ripped it ...Read more

How long does outrage over a murder last? On Wall Street, six months.

WASHINGTON -- What's the expiration date on moral outrage over a gruesome murder?

On Wall Street, at least, the answer seems to be roughly six months.

Six-and-a-half months ago, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was my colleague at The Washington Post, walked into the Saudi Consulate in Turkey to take care of some paperwork. Then he ...Read more

The Trump administration's census question degrades our data -- and our democracy

WASHINGTON -- It's not enough that President Trump and his advisers have been arguing for years that official government data is bad, untrustworthy, phony, manipulated for political gain. Now they are working to lend credence to these smears and conspiracy theories -- by making them true.

Unless, that is, the Supreme Court intervenes.

During ...Read more

The Democrats' new tax plan is their clearest, most efficient blueprint yet

WASHINGTON -- Just in time for Tax Day, we have new insight into the dueling partisan visions for the U.S. tax system.

We already knew that the GOP's 2017 tax law mostly benefited corporations and the wealthy; that's old news. But on Thursday, we got some illustrative examples, courtesy of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. The ...Read more

Herman Cain and Stephen Moore follow Trump's lazy conspiracy theorizing

WASHINGTON -- The problem with putting Stephen Moore and Herman Cain on the Federal Reserve Board -- as President Trump aims to do -- isn't merely that these lackeys have been wrong about nearly every economic claim they've ever made.

They're also rabid conspiracy theorists, at least when such theorizing has proved convenient to their partisan...Read more

Trump's next possible Fed nominee can't understand basic policy issues

WASHINGTON -- Nein, nein, nein.

That should be the Senate's response if President Trump actually nominates his friend Herman Cain, the former pizza magnate turned failed Republican presidential candidate, to the Federal Reserve Board, as Trump said he plans to do.

Cain would be Trump's second proposed addition to the Fed in as many weeks, the ...Read more

Friendly reminder: We still haven't seen Trump's tax returns

WASHINGTON -- With Tax Day approaching and a potentially Swiss-cheesed Mueller report due out soon, a friendly reminder: Yes, we still need to see President Trump's tax returns.

Because we still need to know whether Trump has been running the executive branch in America's interest or his own.

Jimmy Carter famously placed his peanut farm in a ...Read more

If the GOP built their ideal health-care system ... it'd be Obamacare

WASHINGTON -- Wanna know the reason Republicans have had so much trouble coming up with a "replacement" plan for Obamacare?

Because if Republicans actually tried to devise a health care system that fulfilled both conservative principles and their public promises, they'd probably propose something that looks too much like … Obamacare.

For ...Read more

Stephen Moore could inflict more long-term damage than any of Trump's other nominations

President Trump has made a lot of ill-advised nominations. But perhaps no single choice could inflict more long-term damage than the one he announced Friday: Stephen Moore, Trump's pick to join the Federal Reserve Board.

Moore's many economic claims over the years have revealed him to be, shall we say, easily confused.

A decade ago, as the Fed...Read more


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