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Here's hoping the 1-percenters have the president's ear

How do you know when the country is really in trouble?

When you're rooting for Goldman Sachs alumni to have more influence in the White House.

A debt-ceiling showdown is fast approaching, and the health of the global financial system is at stake. U.S. Treasury bonds are seen as the safest of safe assets; even the smallest insinuation that we ...Read more

Trumponomics: The philosophy that it doesn't suck enough to be poor

For months, pundits and political advisers have tried to figure out what "Trumponomics" really stands for. Even President Trump himself struggled to characterize it, saying, "It really has to do with self-respect as a nation."

Now that we have the president's budget in hand, we have a more definitive answer: Trumponomics -- like Ryanonomics -- ...Read more

To see how Trumpcare would work, look to Iowa

WASHINGTON -- Wondering what the country's health care system would look like under Trumpcare?

Take a gander at Iowa, where the individual market is on the verge of collapse.

Just one insurer remains in most of the state, and that insurer, Medica, is threatening to exit. Republicans love to point to Iowa's struggles as evidence of Obamacare's ...Read more

On the bright side, Trump has created all this chaos himself

WASHINGTON -- Some are born catastrophic, some achieve catastrophe, and some have catastrophe thrust upon them.

So far President Trump falls only in the first two of those three buckets. For that, my fellow Americans, we should all be very, very grateful.

Gratitude may not feel terribly warranted right now. Over the past four long months, we ...Read more

What would it take for Republicans to turn on Trump?

WASHINGTON -- What would it take for Republican politicians to finally turn on, or even gently criticize, the current president?

For context, here's an example of righteous fury one Republican congressman levied at President Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama.

"There's no way any of us can excuse what the president did yesterday," said Peter ...Read more

Trump's boast about 'priming the pump'

WASHINGTON -- President Trump told a whopper about his tax plan this month. But it's not the one that everyone is focusing on.

In an interview with the Economist, Trump said his expensive proposal to cut taxes was akin to "priming the pump," a phrase he declared he'd invented just a few days earlier.

Lots of commenters, critics and comedians ...Read more

Trump is waging a war on millennials

WASHINGTON -- Trumpcare is, on the whole, terrible. But if you're a millennial, it does have one thing going for it: It's virtually the only piece of the Trump platform that advantages the young at the expense of the old.

The rest of the Trump agenda could be broadly characterized as full-on generational warfare against the young. If enacted, ...Read more

What do Bigfoot and moderate Republicans have in common?

WASHINGTON -- For years, reports of a mythical figure have lingered in Washington and reverberated through congressional districts around the country. Its legend is spread by talking heads, donors, even many of us in the news media.

This is the Myth of the Moderate Republican.

To be sure, among the general population, moderate Republicans are ...Read more

Spend more and stick it to the poor

WASHINGTON -- Who says President Trump isn’t a policy genius? He’s figured out a clever way to spend more government money just to stick it to poor people.

His innovation has to do with the intricate interplay of Affordable Care Act subsidies.

Obamacare has two major kinds of subsidies designed to make health care cheaper for low- and ...Read more

The dumbest part of Trump’s dumb tax plan

Credit where credit is due: President Trump’s tax plan is only one page long and yet contains volumes’ worth of dumb ideas. And there’s fierce competition for which part is dumbest.

Maybe it’s White House economic adviser Gary Cohn’s peculiar claim that reducing the number of tax brackets is how you simplify the tax code. The ...Read more

Hurting those who help veterans

WASHINGTON -- Government officials often pay lip service to “supporting our troops.” But some of the people who literally do that vital work have just been badly shortchanged.

For at least the third time in two years, the National Guard Bureau has awarded a contract for military family services to a lowball bidder. For the third time, that ...Read more

A fraternity was told it was ‘appropriating culture.’ Administrators won’t say which.

Don’t blame college students for their hostility to free expression. The fault ultimately lies with cowardly school administrations, who so often cave to student demands for censorship. Or as some now prefer to call it, “empowering a culture of controversy prevention.”

Those are the actual, Orwellian words of an official at American ...Read more

The appeal of ‘Medicare for all’

Despite the rise of the tea party and unified Republican control of government, one decidedly anti-free-market idea appears ascendant: single-payer health care.

And it’s no wonder, given that a record-high share of the population receives government-provided health insurance. As a country, we’ve long since acquiesced to the idea that Uncle ...Read more

Why Should College Students Let Their Enemies Speak? Naked Self-Interest.

Another week, another heretical speaker bullied and physically intimidated on an illiberal college campus.

Last week it was pro-police Manhattan Institute scholar Heather Mac Donald, who was invited to speak at Claremont McKenna College in California. Hundreds of protesters blocked the entrances to the building where she was scheduled to talk, ...Read more

Trump is Not the Ally Businesses Expected

WASHINGTON -- As a candidate, Donald Trump promised that the instincts and negotiating skills that landed him in the three-comma club would translate to managing the macroeconomy. He was uniquely well-suited to help the nation’s other job creators reach their full potential, he told voters.

Despite such declarations, now-President Trump is ...Read more

This Ugly Trend Might Thwart Trump’s Economic Promises

WASHINGTON -- An ugly trend has been puzzling, and perturbing, economists. And under President Trump, it might get worse.

The trend is in a measure called “productivity” -- basically, how much stuff we produce from a given amount of labor and capital. Productivity tends to rise over time, as new technologies help us find better, more ...Read more

Trump’s Court Needs a Fool

WASHINGTON -- I’ve finally figured out why the Trump administration is so dysfunctional.

The White House needs a fool.

Not the kind of fool that some believe already occupies the Oval Office. Rather, the medieval-court kind -- clad in motley, with a belled hat and one of those scepters topped with a tiny head (and perhaps tiny hands, for ...Read more

Will Trump Force Thousands of Legal Immigrants to Stop Working?

WASHINGTON -- Come Monday, the Trump administration may quietly revoke the ability of hundreds of thousands of immigrants -- almost all women -- to legally work in the United States, forcing them to choose between heading back to their kitchens or leaving the country altogether.

They are the spouses of workers here on high-skilled visas, and ...Read more

Trump’s Latest Impossible Promise

WASHINGTON -- You thought tax reform would be an easy win for Republicans?

Oh, it feels good to laugh again.

After the Obamacare-repeal disaster, President Trump has decided to move on to tax reform. He’s hoping to quickly restore public faith in his leadership, which has so far been stymied by federal judges, the House Freedom Caucus and ...Read more

The GOP’s Top Priority is in Trouble

Despite Republican control of the White House and both houses of Congress, the party’s top priority -- sharp, deep, down-to-the-bone tax cuts -- is in trouble.

And the chaos over the Obamacare repeal is largely to blame.

Tax cuts (specifically, tax cuts for corporations and the rich) may be the only thing that Republican moderates and more ...Read more

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