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A Republican finally reveals the truth about the GOP tax cuts

Breaking: A Republican accidentally told the truth about tax cuts.

Almost. At least if you count Rep. Kevin Brady's (Tex.) recent equivocation about whether the GOP tax overhaul will really pay for itself.

Way back in the first year of President Trump's administration, Republicans made a bunch of promises about their tax law, nearly all of ...Read more

Trump's latest scapegoat: The Federal Reserve

Not this again.

Faced with any sort of self-inflicted crisis, Trump cycles through a series of scapegoats. Among the usual boogeymen (and boogeywomen): immigrants, China, NFL players, Hillary Clinton, House Democrats.

But lately -- and alarmingly, for anyone who cares about the long-term health of the U.S. economy -- the Federal Reserve has ...Read more

Everyone's got a climate plan. So where's the carbon tax?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has a big, bold, multitrillion-dollar plan for addressing climate change. So does her rival Joe Biden. Likewise former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke. And, of course, Gov. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., whose entire campaign is structured around the climate crisis.

These candidates, to their credit, have offered ...Read more

Happy 10th birthday to the economic expansion. Don't count on an 11th.

WASHINGTON -- Happy 10th birthday, U.S. economic expansion! Let's hope you'll be allowed to live a little while longer, despite a certain someone's concerted efforts to kill you off.

The Great Recession officially ended -- and the current recovery officially began -- exactly a decade ago, in June 2009. That means we've now tied the record for ...Read more

We love to hate the government. Then along came measles.

Americans love, love, love to hate on government, for all its foibles and failures.

But we conveniently forget that good government has also solved, curtailed or prevented a lot of problems over the years, including epidemics, economic ills and environmental crises. When government works, it becomes largely invisible, taken for granted, wiping ...Read more

Trump's narrative is nonsense. So why is the media buying it?

WASHINGTON -- Yes, Democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time. The problem right now is that all anyone ever asks about is the gum-chewing.

President Trump is steadily advancing a narrative that Democrats are unable to focus on a substantive policy agenda because they're too fixated on investigating, subpoenaing and, eventually, ...Read more

The Trump administration's war on statistics isn't slowing down

Don't like the numbers? Invent new numbers instead.

Or make it harder to collect trustworthy numbers next time.

Or just put the squeeze on the number crunchers themselves.

Slowly but surely, the Trump administration has been chipping away at the independence and integrity of our federal statistical agencies, whose data is critical to keeping ...Read more

We don't know what Trump's tax returns are hiding. But the hints are troubling.

When you look at the short span of President Trump's political career, one question jumps out: How much of his craziest, most paranoid and norm-violating behavior is motivated by a desire to keep his financial arrangements secret?

It began with Trump's bizarre refusal to release his tax returns, in defiance of both a nearly half-century ...Read more

Can corporations save us from the attack on reproductive rights?

When our political system fails us, when our electoral system fails us and when even our judicial system fails us, can corporate America serve as our final firewall against terrible state policies designed to rob women of their reproductive autonomy?

That is not a reassuring question to have to consider.

This year, more than a dozen states ...Read more

Democrats should be shouting Trump's trade failures from the rooftops

Markets crashing, farmers suffering, allies seething, manufacturing workers fretting about their job security.

These were all foreseeable consequences of President Trump's trade wars, which escalated in the past week after Trump hiked tariffs on Chinese goods ever higher and Beijing announced tit-for-tat retaliatory duties. Such developments ...Read more

Trump's two worst economic ideas collide

At 12:01 a.m. Friday, President Trump's two worst economic ideas finally collided -- and made each other even worse.

To be sure, there are a lot of terrible economic theories espoused by this president (tax cuts pay for themselves, government shutdowns are fun, scam artists should roam free, etc.). But the specific bad ideas I'm referring to ...Read more

It's obvious what we don't want in a Fed nominee. Here's what we do.

It's pretty easy to identify what we don't want in a Federal Reserve Board member. So let's talk about what we do want.

Last week, President Trump told us that one of his announced-though-never-formally-nominated choices for Fed, Stephen Moore, had withdrawn from consideration. This came just 10 days after another Fed pick, Herman Cain, ...Read more

The worst thing Barr did this week had nothing to do with the Mueller report

The worst thing that Attorney General William P. Barr did this week arguably had nothing to do with possible contempt of Congress or the Mueller report.

It had to do with health care.

On Wednesday, amid the circus over alleged special counsel snittiness, the department that Barr oversees formally asked a federal appeals court to strike down ...Read more

Stephen Moore wants people to pay more attention to his economic policies. Challenge accepted.

Stephen Moore wants the media to pay less attention to his idiotic comments about gender and more attention to his idiotic comments about the economy.

Sure thing, bro. Happy to help out.

Moore, whom President Trump wants to appoint to the Federal Reserve Board, has been complaining about a "sleaze campaign" against him. The alleged "sleaze" ...Read more

Warren's free-college-and-debt-forgiveness plan may be liberal, but it isn't progressive

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., might want to work on making her free-college-and-debt-forgiveness plan more progressive.

That might sound like a weird criticism for a candidate already vying for the left-most lane in the 2020 primary. But I don't mean "progressive" in the sense of "more palatable synonym for liberal."

I mean "...Read more

Trump left our allies at the altar. Now he's mad they're moving on.

What a jerk you were to let me dump you.

That's the message the Trump administration is sending to some of our closest allies and most important economic partners. The most recent target is Japan, whom our U.S. ambassador berated last week for not giving us a favorable deal that Japan actually did give us -- before we abruptly ripped it ...Read more

How long does outrage over a murder last? On Wall Street, six months.

WASHINGTON -- What's the expiration date on moral outrage over a gruesome murder?

On Wall Street, at least, the answer seems to be roughly six months.

Six-and-a-half months ago, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was my colleague at The Washington Post, walked into the Saudi Consulate in Turkey to take care of some paperwork. Then he ...Read more

The Trump administration's census question degrades our data -- and our democracy

WASHINGTON -- It's not enough that President Trump and his advisers have been arguing for years that official government data is bad, untrustworthy, phony, manipulated for political gain. Now they are working to lend credence to these smears and conspiracy theories -- by making them true.

Unless, that is, the Supreme Court intervenes.

During ...Read more

The Democrats' new tax plan is their clearest, most efficient blueprint yet

WASHINGTON -- Just in time for Tax Day, we have new insight into the dueling partisan visions for the U.S. tax system.

We already knew that the GOP's 2017 tax law mostly benefited corporations and the wealthy; that's old news. But on Thursday, we got some illustrative examples, courtesy of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. The ...Read more

Herman Cain and Stephen Moore follow Trump's lazy conspiracy theorizing

WASHINGTON -- The problem with putting Stephen Moore and Herman Cain on the Federal Reserve Board -- as President Trump aims to do -- isn't merely that these lackeys have been wrong about nearly every economic claim they've ever made.

They're also rabid conspiracy theorists, at least when such theorizing has proved convenient to their partisan...Read more


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