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States are taking action on #MeToo. Why isn't Congress?

SACRAMENTO -- A year ago, the #MeToo movement went viral.

First came the naming, shaming and ousting of powerful men accused of sexual misconduct. Then came awareness of the prevalence of such misconduct, and of the intricate methods -- the threats, the legally enforced silence -- used to keep victims from speaking out.

Then came the righteous...Read more

Trump's arm-twisting of the Fed is what's truly 'loco'

WASHINGTON -- President Trump keeps saying that Democrats want to model the United States on Venezuela. But the only one actually trying to turn us into Venezuela is Trump.

As stock markets plummeted Wednesday and Thursday, Trump lashed out at the Federal Reserve. He blamed the central bank, and not his trade wars, for the bloodbath.

"The Fed ...Read more

The one conspiracy theory that Republicans won't believe

The Party of Trump has proved itself keen to propagate any conspiracy theory, no matter how ridiculous or racist.

Well, almost any conspiracy theory.

There were the microwave ovens that surveil your every move. There were those fake jobs numbers, crafted to make President Barack Obama look good (though today, oddly, those same jobs ...Read more

Duh, we need to see Trump's tax returns. But that's just the first step.

Everyone is shocked, shocked to learn that President Trump amassed his fortune not by the sweat of his brow, but rather the old-fashioned way: choosing the right parents and dodging the Internal Revenue Service.

That's certainly the lesson of The New York Times expose this week reporting that Trump received more than $400 million in today's ...Read more

Trump's 'historic' trade deal doesn't look so historic after all

Well, that was unnecessarily painful.

After spending a year and a half alienating our friends, punishing our farmers and manufacturers with devastating tariffs and counter-tariffs, and fracturing the hard-won alliance we had built to isolate and pressure China, we finally got a new trade deal -- and a "new" trade strategy.

Yet somehow, they ...Read more

The GOP's two top priorities seem to be duds. So what does the party even stand for?

If you'd asked me a few years ago to name the Republican Party's top policy priorities, I would have said: 1) Obamacare repeal and 2) tax cuts.

Today, the GOP seems to believe that both are duds with voters. Worse than duds: huge liabilities, ripe for Democratic exploitation.

Virtually from the moment the Affordable Care Act passed, Republican...Read more

Why should we believe Kavanaugh?

Why does it matter whether a then-17-year-old Brett M. Kavanaugh drunkenly tried to rape a 15 year old, at a house party, 36 years ago?

That question is implicit in all of the Republican defenses of the Supreme Court nominee.

The accusation amounts to "a little hiccup," says Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev.; a "drive-by shooting," says Sen. Lindsey O....Read more

Trump could play Scrooge this holiday season

For years, Donald Trump and right-wing pundits warned us about the War on Christmas. We should have listened.

Yes, they were mistaken about who would wage the assault. The anti-yuletide antagonist turns out to be neither Starbucks nor gay people nor the Obamas nor even the villainous American Civil Liberties Union.

In truth, Scrooge is Trump ...Read more

Heaven help us in the next financial crisis

What we had here is a failure to communicate.

A decade after the financial crisis, it is clear the policymakers who averted a second Great Depression never convinced the public that what they did was right: They had to save the banks, and to save the banks, they had to save the bankers.

Those bankers started the fire, after all. The response ...Read more

There's lots of deregulation afoot. But will it really help anyone?

President Trump may be amoral, erratic, ill-informed, petty. He may speak admiringly of autocrats. His behavior may deserve invocation of the 25th Amendment.

But, hey, the tax cuts and deregulation!

So declared the anonymous senior Trump administration official who published an op-ed in the New York Times last week. And this Publius is not ...Read more

Tax Bezos. Help workers. But not like this.

By all means, let's raise the living standards of workers at Amazon, Walmart, McDonald's and other employers of low-wage Americans.

And, by all means, let's raise Jeffrey P. Bezos's taxes, too. The founder of Amazon (and owner of The Washington Post) is the wealthiest man in the world. He didn't need the tax cut that Republicans just gave ...Read more

Trump promised farmers 'smarter' trade deals. Now he has to bail them out.

"Trade, not aid."

That's what farmers, ranchers and their elected officials keep telling the Trump administration they want. They have worked hard over the years to grow their export opportunities, forging critical relationships in China, Mexico, the European Union, Canada and other markets. Customers around the world have gobbled up U.S.-...Read more

When liberals are rooting for Jeff Sessions, you know something's wrong

How on earth did Jeff Sessions -- Jeff Sessions! -- find himself abandoned by the right and embraced by the left?

For sure, President Trump has a special talent for matchmaking strange bedfellows. He has somehow gotten liberals to feel a begrudging sympathy or even admiration for figures they once reviled. Think: Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz....Read more

Has Trump ended NAFTA? Not just yet.

President Trump announced Monday that he's "terminating" the North American Free Trade Agreement, and boasted that he and Mexico just struck "maybe the largest trade deal ever made."

Actually: Trump can't unilaterally kill NAFTA; this is only a possible step toward any new trade deal involving Mexico; it's probably not a good...Read more

No collusion? We'll see. But what about tax fraud?

President Trump's touchstone mob boss, Al Capone, famously went down for tax evasion when the feds couldn't nail him on more serious crimes. Has Trump stopped to consider whether he could be headed for the same fate?

Trump and surrogates have argued that his former lawyer's and his campaign chairman's near-simultaneous legal losses don't ...Read more

Our politicians have no idea how the internet works

Here's the bad news: We can't trust Silicon Valley to police itself. That has become abundantly clear from the many scandals involving Russian disinformation campaigns, Cambridge Analytica, Twitter bots, secret data breaches, Google geo-tracking and the like.

Here's the other bad news: We can't trust Washington politicians to police it, ...Read more

Free-speech conservatives, this is your call to arms

To all those supposed constitutional conservatives out there, consider this your call to arms: The First Amendment is under direct attack, and this time from a much more powerful foe than misguided college freshmen.

By whom I mean: the ostensible leader of the free world.

Again and again, President Trump has used the weight of his office and ...Read more

Three reasons Trump's new immigration rule should make your blood boil

Once again, the Trump administration is looking to punish immigrants. And once again, innocent children are getting hurt in the process.

This time, however, many of those innocent children are likely to be U.S. citizens.

On Tuesday, NBC News reported that the Trump administration is readying a new rule that should make your blood boil. The ...Read more

America is swarming with Paul Manaforts

One possible lesson of the many brazen, conspicuous scandals related to President Trump and others in his orbit: The U.S. government has been massively underinvesting in enforcement and prosecution of white-collar crime.

Trumpkins argue that the pileup of charges against onetime Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is a sign that special ...Read more

We've finally learned Trump's grand plan for fixing health care

During his presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump promised to replace Obamacare with "something terrific."

For a long time, that "something terrific" was left unspecified. Now, more than a year and a half into Trump's presidency, we have finally learned his grand plan for reducing Americans' health-care costs.

It is: Don't get sick...Read more


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