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Trump embraces the dumb way to deal with China

Look. The Trump administration isn't entirely wrong about China and trade.

For years, U.S. companies -- as well as foreign ones -- have been victims of Chinese intellectual property rights policies, including being forced to hand over their technology if they wanted access to the Chinese market.

But there's a smart way and a dumb way to...Read more

Trump is bent on destroying one of our winningest exports

President Trump is obsessed with trade surpluses. In his zero-sum view of the world, if we don't sell more than we buy in a given industry, we must be losing.

Yet he seems hellbent on destroying one of our winningest exports: higher education.

Unlike with toys or televisions, the United States sells much more higher education to the rest of ...Read more

Get ready. Republicans want to cut taxes again.

Just months ago, Republicans got away with a massive upward redistribution of wealth, raiding $1.5 trillion from the Treasury and sticking future generations with the bill.

Now, they're going for more.

On Wednesday, President Trump touted his ginormous, sloppily drafted, deficit-financed tax cuts, written under cover of night without benefit ...Read more

Hey, Putin: Don't pin this on the Jews

Maybe the Russians didn't meddle in our 2016 election. Maybe it was the Jews.

So says President Trump's favorite green-room buddy and shirtless equestrian, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In an interview that aired Friday evening, NBC's Megyn Kelly asked Putin whether it bothered him that Russians had interfered in the U.S. election.

"I ...Read more

Trump has been playing right into China's hands

If this is how we show China who's boss, China has just learned it has a pretty dumb boss.

On Thursday, President Trump signed sweeping new tariffs on steel and aluminum, against the urging of economists, allies and most of the manufacturing, retail and home-building industries. This policy will likely destroy American jobs both in industries ...Read more

Don't blame China, Mr. President. Blame the robots.

Mr. President, if you're looking for someone to demonize for killing blue-collar jobs in your favorite industries, don't blame China and "bad trade deals."

Blame the robots.

Thirty years ago, the U.S. iron and steel mills employed about 188,000 people. Today, that number is about 86,000. Mindful of the suffering of tens of thousands of ...Read more

Republicans say they favor free markets. Yeah, right.

WASHINGTON -- Republicans say they favor free markets. They're not like those pinko-commie Democrats, who prefer "picking winners and losers."

Oh, come off it already.

Republicans love picking winners and losers, too. They just choose different winners and different losers than Democrats do. In the case of today's Republican officials, the ...Read more

Trump's sneaky backdoor Obamacare repeal is working

Last year, much of the country watched with growing fury as Republicans tried to undo President Barack Obama's signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act.

Americans stormed town halls. They jammed congressional phone lines. Some got hauled off to jail for acts of civil disobedience. Bill after bill attempting to dismantle Obamacare imploded...Read more

Is anywhere in Florida truly safe?

PARKLAND, Fla. -- Smut, not guns, is the great risk to teenagers.

So say Florida lawmakers, who -- days after one of the deadliest school massacres in history occurred on their doorstep, as the child survivors of that massacre watched from the gallery -- refused to consider a bill banning assault-style rifles. About an hour later, those same ...Read more

Don't blame 'Washington.' Blame the GOP.

Dysfunctional Washington refuses to work out its differences to solve problems that matter to Americans.

So say pundits and policy activists, perhaps hoping that diffuse criticism, rather than finger-pointing, will yield a government willing to govern.

But the problem isn't "Washington." It isn't "Congress," either. The problem is elected ...Read more

Why is it so hard for Trump to say that evil things are evil?

"It almost wouldn't even have to be said."

That's how President Trump characterized his views on domestic violence Wednesday. This was a week after photographs of a woman allegedly beaten by a senior White House aide became public.

It was days after a second White House aide resigned, also following allegations of domestic abuse.

In the ...Read more

Trump hates deficits -- unless they help rich people

When are deficits good?

When they fund tax cuts for donors and rich people.

When are deficits "dangerous"?

When they fund health care for poor people and children, training for workers, and infrastructure and other long-term investments in our economy.

That is the worldview of late of the Trump administration, based on the budget proposal it...Read more

Republicans' fiscal flip-flop is breathtakingly ill-timed

Republicans' plan to Make Deficits Great Again is not merely hypocritical. It's also terrible policy. Or at least terribly, breathtakingly ill-timed.

In 2009, a few weeks after Barack Obama took office, a Republican political movement -- one supposedly grounded in fiscal conservatism -- was born.

Sure, the country was teetering on the edge of ...Read more

Is Trump to blame for the market dive?

President Trump has been bragging about the stock market since he took office, attributing any upward movement to his stewardship of the economy. Curiously, with the market tumbling in recent days, he's been a teensy bit shyer about taking credit for market performance.

So: What's going on? And is Trump to blame?

Markets move in mysterious ...Read more

Trump's tax cuts are rocketing us into the debt ceiling

WASHINGTON -- The financial doomsday clock is ticking, and, thanks to the massive tax cuts passed by Congress in December, the ticks just sped up.

Unless Congress gets its act together, the federal government will default on its debt in a few short weeks. This event would set off a constitutional crisis and a global financial crisis. And it ...Read more

Trump's immigration 'compromise' is a trick

EDITORS: Note nature of quoted material in penultimate graf.

WASHINGTON -- The White House's immigration plan is not a "compromise." It's not a "generous" deal for Democrats, and it's not full of "concessions." It's a sleight of hand designed to help the far right shove through sharp new limits on legal immigration, under the pretense of ...Read more

How Mick Mulvaney is dismantling a federal agency

From the moment Congress created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Republicans attacked it as a "rogue agency," "unaccountable," "malicious" and run by an out-of-control "dictator" who desperately needs more oversight.

Mick Mulvaney has apparently set out to prove them right.

In November, in a move that set off a power struggle still ...Read more

Blame McConnell and Ryan for the shutdown

It was neither the #TrumpShutdown nor the #SchumerShutdown. It wasn't even the #StephenMillerShutdown.

It was always the #McConnellRyanShutdown.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan are responsible for the completely avoidable three-day federal shutdown that ended Monday. They will likewise be responsible for the ...Read more

The GOP tax law doesn't just hurt blue states. It hurts everyone.

There's a perception out there that the new GOP tax law screws over only blue states.

That's wrong.

It creates huge political problems for almost every state. With relatively little fanfare, Congress effectively sent ticking time bombs to statehouses across the country, which are scrambling to assess and contain the damage.

Yes, it's true ...Read more

Trump is hoping you won't notice his backdoor repeal of Obamacare

One of the bigger, and more heartening, surprises of the past year was just how fervently it turned out Americans supported health care for low-income people.

Republican politicians, after all, had been running against Obamacare -- including its Medicaid expansion and income-based subsidies for buying insurance -- from the moment the law passed...Read more


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