Trump turnaround puts new tax-cut writing on the wall

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Financial markets and most media pundits are missing the new writing on the wall. For a variety of reasons surrounding shrewd moves by President Trump, the chances for significant tax cuts in the next 10 weeks have risen sharply.

Since the Charlottesville blowup in mid August, when the president's fortunes were at low ebb -- and I'll repeat my ...Read more

'Keep It Simple, Stupid'

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Editor's Note: Lawrence Kudlow is off this week. The following is a column by Stephen Moore.

One of the most enduring lessons from the American health care fiasco is that to win a political battle it is best to keep the message simple. If there are too many moving parts to a plan, if Americans don't understand what the politicians are doing, or...Read more

Index Capital Gains for Inflation, Mr. President

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

President Donald Trump's pledge to "Make America Great Again" requires nothing less than reigniting economic growth and prosperity. Wealth creation is essential. As Congress pivots to tax reform -- which is crucial to the wealth creation -- the president could take matters into his own hands by issuing an executive order to index capital gains...Read more

Big economic ideas from Art Laffer and Steve Forbes

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

I participated in perhaps a bit of radio history last week when Steve Forbes and Art Laffer joined me on my syndicated radio show. It may have been the first time these supply-side economics giants were ever together over the airwaves.

Forbes, of course, is chairman of Forbes Media, and he twice ran brilliant issue campaigns for president. And ...Read more

Trump has Putin over a barrel

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

A few years back, in one of his finest moments, Sen. John McCain said on a Sunday talk show, "Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country." It was right when he said it, and it's even more right today.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's circle of corrupt oligarchs gouge whatever money they can from the impoverished Russian economy and ...Read more

Keeping freedom and growth in the Fourth

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

What is the Fourth of July? It's a wonderful time. We're outdoors. We're with family and friends. We're playing golf or fishing. There are barbecues and baseball games and fireworks and all that good stuff.

And beneath it all, supporting it all, there is freedom. Freedom. The Fourth of July is about freedom, if nothing else. America's freedom, ...Read more


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