If We Want to Destroy ISIS, We Can Destroy ISIS

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Let's say it loud and often. If we want to destroy ISIS, we can destroy ISIS. Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but I want to state it anyway. Why? Because I am not hearing it enough.

I'm certainly not hearing it from the White House, where the original goal of destruction is barely mentioned now. President Obama is listless. He's also ...Read more

GOP Not Yet There on Growth

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The singular economic issue of our time is the quest for more rapid economic growth. In the past century the American economy grew at roughly 3.5 percent per year. That included huge booms and even worse busts, such as the Great Depression.

But over the past 15 years that growth has slumped to roughly 2 percent per annum. This has put average ...Read more

Pro-Growth Economist Angus Deaton Echoes JFK

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

The Democratic presidential debate ironically took place the same week that a Princeton University professor was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Why ironic? Because professor Angus Deaton is a strong advocate of economic growth. Today's Democrats are not.

Here are some words from Deaton -- with a very big hat tip to my ...Read more

Ryan and Reconciliation Is a Powerful Combination

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As of this writing, House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan has not decided whether to run for speaker. He has been bombarded by all the Republican factions. Even Mitt Romney says the Wisconsinite can unify the Republican conference and take ON the job.

I applaud Ryan's leadership and policy skills and think he would make a good speaker.

But...Read more

Every Now and Then, the GOP Should Disrupt the Status Quo

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Nobody really likes government shutdowns, including me. But sometimes you have to make a point. Send a message. Show voters what you really believe. Take a stand.

With John Boehner set to resign at the end of October, many believe the outgoing speaker can team up with House Democrats to avoid a government shutdown on Oct. 1. Daniel Clifton, ...Read more

Why Don't These Candidates Ever Talk about Money?

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

While there were some great moments in the latest GOP debate, and some terrific individual performances -- Carly Fiorina seemed to grab all the buzz in the aftermath -- one thing that barely came up was the economy. It was very much like the first debate.

The day after the candidates faced off, Fed chair Janet Yellen announced a stand-pat, no...Read more

Can We Please Have a Rules-Based Policy?

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

As stocks endure their worst correction since 2011, and the battle between Fed doves and hawks rages on over a quarter-of-a-percentage-point rate liftoff, the much-anticipated August employment numbers made for a surprisingly mediocre report.

Nonfarm payrolls came in below consensus at 173,000. But private payrolls increased only 140,000, the...Read more

Protectionist Donald Trump Is a 21st Century Herbert Hoover

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

This column was co-written by Stephen Moore.

Here's a historical fact that Donald Trump, and many voters attracted to him, may not know: The last American president who was a trade protectionist was Republican Herbert Hoover. Obviously that economic strategy didn't turn out so well -- either for the nation or the GOP.

Does Trump aspire to be a...Read more

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