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The horrors of Democratic politics won't go away whenever "The Trump Show" goes off the air

Willam Murchison on

There is, out there in human affairs, a real world sometimes misidentified with political worlds. In the latter, everything is attainable, if not inevitable. We rarely consider how frequently "I will" turns into "I can't." And why can't I? Because the money may not be there. Or the votes in Congress. Or it may be that other, higher needs and priorities present themselves, and one party or the other finds it necessary to give ground, to compromise. It might be there's been a misdiagnosis. What seemed easy now seems hard. Or even wrong.

As I say, democratic politics snuff out complexities. When you're trying to win, winning is what counts. Fulfilling the promises it was necessary to make for victory's sake can come later.

A successful politician is likely to face, at some point, the possibility that he/she misspoke or overspoke. Suddenly, the bill has come due, and the cash isn't there. The remedy? Acknowledging, for starters, that promising and delivering are separate acts. That sometimes our self-proclaimed political saviors find themselves in corners, unable to animate their wonderful intentions.

Which ... wait a minute, wasn't that the point about modern people turning history into a saga of oppressors and victims instead of people like ourselves, doing their dead-level best?

Uh-huh. I think it was. Democratic politics beat competing species of governance. But the hopes and hatreds it calls forth -- we'd be better off preparing for their durability than for the battle-axing of those with competing notions of What in Blue Blazes to Do Now.


I think I'll talk a little more in this line next time.


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