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What happened to "with liberty and justice for all"?

" I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

Barry Morris Goldwater, may God rest his freedom-loving soul, spoke the celebrated words in accepting the Republican nomination for president in 1964. But the author of the phrase was a ...Read more

Hooray for the good, but bear in mind the bad

And on ... and on ...

... And, yes! One fine day, as with the Noah family's detention on the ark, the damndemic will cease, desist, vanish, take a powder. Masks will disappear in the trash can. Americans will pass days and weeks without a virus-inspired reflection on medical experts or D. J. Trump.

This is the good part. There is a bad part. ...Read more

Let us gather around the table, in fellowship, in prayer, in true thanksgiving

The first Christmas tree on our block popped up the day after Halloween. Soon enough, garlands of white lights began to adorn neighborhood trees and doorways. It's Christmas -- except that it's not. From what I can see, Thanksgiving has yet to be acknowledged, much less observed.

I have no particular observations to make concerning our new ...Read more

The Founders would cry out against treating "equality" as a deity

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

Or do we?

At the end of a long, bitter political year, shall we take a look?

The Founding Fathers' abstract commitment to equality -- reinforced by the Gettysburg Address -- vexes and perplexes Americans across the political sphere.

We know we're "equal," more or less...Read more

Saying something appropriate upon the end of this endeavor at saving Western civilization through journalism

I have tried to think of something appropriate to say upon the end of this endeavor at saving Western civilization through journalism.

Western civilization remains unsaved. That is the first thought that comes to mind. What could I have been thinking anyway? A second thought is that in my failure I have had just a whole lot of fun. That was not...Read more

Baloney! Horsefeathers! Free markets are are not tools for grinding the faces of the poor

The phoniness of big-government politics was on conspicuous display during the final presidential debate. Note the adjective "big-government." Not Democratic politics, not Republican politics. Big-government politics, representing the pleasant myth that politicians at the top of the greasy pole have the wisdom to lead our country, or any ...Read more

Achieving power over fellow humans is the oldest temptation in the book

Back to where we left off the other day: democracy's varied discontents staring us straight in our blurred and reddening eyes, obscuring once-familiar loyalties and understandings.

Modern democracy as a bloodier and bloodier power struggle, our self-chosen political classes' refusal to recognize reality as a barrier to the achievement of new ...Read more



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