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Much ado over not very much

A history professor I once studied under tended to offer weary responses to technical and highly dispensable questions of the sort that arise in weary seminars. To wit: "But what's that got to do with the price of eggs?" Or, more pointedly sometimes, "the price of eggs in Arkansas?"

I thought of this aptly characterized boredom threshold as I ...Read more

Ain't It the truth?

The Anglican Church of Canada clutches its throat at the prospect of -- Lord have mercy -- shutting down its ministries and works 20 years from now. You know -- putting up the "Closed" sign, the public demand for said ministries dwindling more with every passing year. So sharply have Anglican membership rolls declined since 2000 that, according ...Read more

Of impeachers and extra drumsticks...

Beyond the impeachment mess surrounding President Donald Trump, which is due to be settled one of these days -- I think in Trump's favor, but what do I know? -- beyond the impeachment mess, I was starting to declare, sprawls before us ... what, exactly? More messes of similarly degrading character?

I shouldn't wonder. Impeachment, successful or...Read more

Will Democrats in 2020 again 'fall in love'?

There are large historical differences between America's two major political parties in how they choose their presidential nominees.

Consider this: Since 1952, there have been 11 presidential elections where there wasn't a Republican president running for reelection. In 10 of those 11, the Republican candidate who led in the major polls in the ...Read more

Democrates chase down the Great Orange Whale

"Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord" -- a pretty flat declaration as reported by the Apostle Paul, leaving few gaps for politicians to fill at their own discretion. But you know politicians. Here we go with the impeachment hearings, an intended spectacle meant more as payback to President Donald Trump for winning the election than ...Read more

And I solemnly promise you...

Beto O'Rourke's pullout from the presidential race leaves the Democrats with, oh, a mere dozen and a half or so candidates available to run the country. The country's corresponding task is to keep awake for the remainder of the race.

The pressing question is, or should be, what goes on here? What's the mission -- to can President Donald Trump ...Read more

What has Trump furor got to do with Christianity's slump?

So, you're surprised? Sorry not to join in the sentiment.

Our eyes and our instincts have noted silently the growing disappearance of religious commitment, as revealed in a new survey by the Pew Research Center. The famous "nones" -- whose interest in religion approximates mine when it comes to superhero movies -- are a quarter of the U....Read more

The Young, the Restless and Bernie

A New York Times opinion column acquaints humanity with the injustice of forbidding the vote to 16- and 17-year-olds -- who, nevertheless, would gain the franchise once a budding movement to that end came to fruition and then would impose the superior wisdom of the young by handing the presidency, so we are entitled to infer, to Sen. Bernie ...Read more

Beto opens assault against freedom of religion

At its best, Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke's high-octane assault on religious freedom calls for brandy and an extended lie-down in a dark room. That's the best that can be said of it. Its worst has to do with the disdain a midlevel presidential candidate exhibits for supernatural religion.

That's if he really meant what he affirmed at a CNN ...Read more

We have a moral tale of two cities

The "progressive," so to speak, vision of politics and public life envisions tighter and tighter government control over economic life, along with looser and looser controls over human behavior. I think you'd refer to the overall design as a paradox: a clash of methods and objectives.

Elizabeth Warren wants corporations subjected to ...Read more

The conundrum with impeachment is hearsay

There's so much to say about Nancy Pelosi's impeachment gig that one hardly knows where to start. But here's a live possibility: We start with Sen. Lindsey Graham's characterization of how this game is to be played.

We're trying to "try the president of the United States based on hearsay," the South Carolina senator says -- that is, on the ...Read more

Lynch Law, Anyone?

We can't seem to have a news event (and everything that happens in our capital city is a capital-E event these days) without the searing cry in the background, drowning out all other discourse: "Impeach! Impeach!" You might call it an echo of the old exhortation, "Hey, somebody get a rope!"

One thing must be clear before we proceed: Nothing ...Read more

Daily life in the pigpen

We live in extraordinary times, do we not? No one I know can remember, so far as I am aware, discussion of the sexual apparatus of a Supreme Court justice accused, prior or subsequent to confirmation, of reprehensible sexual behavior at a college party.

Was Earl Warren so accused? Was David Souter? Was Ruth Bader Ginsburg? There was the ...Read more


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