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The old political game gets nobody anywhere in a crisis

Politics being politics, and politicians being politicians, Americans have figured out how, along with sore throats and violent coughing, the coronavirus causes finger-pointing, loud talking and endless credit-claiming.

The best remedy I know of: huge handfuls of salt for sprinkling on the gratitude that comes with seeing government now and ...Read more

We'll make it somehow or the other -- by the skin of our teeth

We seem to be in what Bernie's and Joe's and my generation called a "mell of a hess," back before the media and the political class routinized the words that were formerly common to override with: #%$#%^!!%$%.

Which made for a politer time, but we're not there any more. At the present point, no one really, honestly, deep-down knows what to do, ...Read more

So, now what?

This virus thing has gotten crazy. San Francisco ... closed down due to the coronavirus' spread?! A whole American city on hold? And other localities set for like privations?

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders' contemporaries may remember (as I do, being one of them) a Gregory Peck/Ava Gardner movie from 1960: "On the Beach." Following a nuclear war,...Read more

Bye Bye Bernie

The stock market on Monday took a look at the world around it and swooned, delivering a decisive blow to the Sanders candidacy and its proposed revolution.

Who wants a political revolution when economic forces are hard at work wringing vitality and optimism out of the economy? Isn't that the question? The less we see and hear of Comrade ...Read more

Hooray for Democracy!

There is occasionally good sense in just standing back and watching the grand spectacle known as democracy.

The presidential tryouts, known as the primaries, have been a strong prop of that reasoning. People who want, or say they want, to be president step on the stage and tell us why. They strut their stuff, for better or worse. They talk (...Read more

Sanders: 'Democratic' control freak

"President Sanders, speaking from the White House yesterday, proposed/criticized/blamed ... "

Um, er, no -- not really. It's not going to happen. This Bernie thing -- the rise of Bernie, the magnetism of Bernie, the radiance that shines from his curly white locks -- is more overrated than a luxury vacation package to Wuhan.

Basically, that's ...Read more

A start-over job for the ERA

One immense reason for our present political entanglements -- would it be OK to say "messes"? -- is the lately acquired political habit of addressing every possible human problem through politics.

For instance, with regard to women's rights, the Equal Rights Amendment.

We don't as a nation affirm female entitlement to opportunities long ...Read more

Of Donald and Nancy: Two wrongs plus one more

You could say, as I'm sure vast numbers have, that "Trump started it."

But he didn't, because he didn't have to. Vast numbers had done it for him, and President Donald Trump merely picked up where they had left off -- loud and brash, eyes intent on the image in the mirror: me, me, me.

Where Trump left off, if the present president can be said ...Read more

So, what did they think they were doing?

In any "stupidest" or "most worthless" contest, America can confidently put its money on the President Donald Trump impeachment mess.

What frivolity. What junk. What an irredeemable waste of valuable time.

Almost irredeemable. I should make that clear.

As Pliny the Elder, in Roman times, nicely put it, "there is no book so bad that ...Read more

Trump-a-phobia is the unitive factor in Democratic politics

In the middle of a muddle, there's minimal sense in predicting outcomes.

In other words, is the president's former national security advisor speeding the president toward removal from office? (I strongly doubt whether John Bolton's version of President Donald Trump's Ukrainian diplomacy -- so to call it-- will slow down the necessary process of...Read more

The debate we truly need...

The essence of democracy is free speech, and the essence of free speech is assertion. For instance ...

1. Privately owned firearms should be confiscated.

2. Everybody should own a firearm.

3. No Republican's any good.

4. No Democrat's any good.

5. "The current president ... is a threat to democracy."

6. "House Democrats' novel theory of '...Read more

Still feeling the Bern?

The best thing about Bernie -- need I explain, in the year of grace 2020, which Bernie? -- is how a frosty-haired old coot, old enough to have been a high school classmate of mine, fires up kids who never heard of our era's icons: Leo Durocher, say, or Robert Q. Lewis.

This happens, coincidentally, to be the worst thing about Bernie. A ...Read more


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