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Biden is Finished! The Deep State Wants a New Democrat President! Is Michelle Obama Up Next?

Wayne Allyn Root on

Poor helpless, hapless, mumbling, stumbling, bumbling brain-dead President Joe Biden. It's all over for him. The puppet's days are clearly numbered.

It's so obvious what's happening. Biden's presidency is over. The deep state and D.C. swamp don't need him anymore. He served his purpose. Now they want him out.

There are two reasons why all of this is happening now.

First, Democrats realize Biden is not only the worst candidate in the history of politics, but he is also deteriorating right in front of everyone's eyes. Biden may have started out as a brain-dead puppet, wearing masks and hiding in his Delaware basement. But those were "the good old days."

Now the secret is out of the basement. The cat is out of the bag. Everyone knows. Even most Democrats finally got the message: They don't want Biden in 2024.

So, the same deep state that installed him needs to remove him, so they can get a head start on rigging the next election in 2024.


Enter Biden's mishandled classified document scandal. Perfect timing. Biden has been set up by his own deep state. Suddenly documents just happen to be found in both his think tank office and his Delaware garage. Who found them? Why would corrupt Democrats (who are world-class experts at coverups -- see the rigged 2020 election, the COVID-19 vaccine propaganda and the Jan. 6 hearings) decide to publicly report them? Why wouldn't they ignore them, or cover up the scandal?

Why indeed. Because they want Biden out.

Think of all the crimes of Biden. Ukraine. China. Bribery. Extortion. Hunter's laptop. The 2020 election. Open borders. All the deaths from Biden's vaccine mandate. The humiliating retreat from Afghanistan. And after all of that, Biden will be forced out for classified documents in his garage?

Read the tea leaves. For Biden, the end is near. Soon he will be impeached, indicted or forced to resign in disgrace.


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