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The Greatest Gaslight in History: This Jewish American's Take on President Trump, Kanye West and Nick Fuentes

Wayne Allyn Root on

Let me start with a disclaimer: I'm a Jew. Not just any Jew. tested my DNA and reported I'm of 99.9% Eastern European Jewish ancestry. That's about as Jewish as you can get.

I had two Jewish parents, and four Jewish grandparents. Several of my ancestors were victims of the Holocaust. Others escaped Germany just in the nick of time.

I love the Jewish people. I'm proud of the success of the Jewish people. And I've fought strongly and proudly for Israel my entire adult life.

So, if a president of the United States was associated with radical extremists, Jew haters and Holocaust deniers, I'd be the first one to condemn him.

Let's take an example involving a recent president. Could you imagine if a president spent 20 years around a racist, hate-filled Jew hater and antisemite? Could you imagine if this president spent 20 years listening to his hate and racism and kept coming back for more every week? Could you imagine if a president made him his closest confidant and spiritual adviser? And on top of all of that damning evidence that this president was cavorting with Jew haters, could you imagine if his track record as president was damaging to Israel?

Well, you don't have to imagine. It happened. And it isn't former President Donald Trump.


Former President Barack Obama sat in the pew of the church of his mentor, Rev Jeremiah Wright, for 20 years -- while his great friend and spiritual adviser cursed America, white Americans, Jews and Israel. He called Israel "an illegal genocidal place." He called the Jewish people "them Jews." He endorsed an anti-Israel march on Jerusalem.

But Obama's mentor and friend of 20 years didn't stop with Jews. His hate toward America was even worse. He described America as a terrorist nation. He blamed 9/11 on America, explaining why we deserved that terrorist attack. He said, "God d--- America."

He was Obama's pastor. Mentor. Friend. Adviser. For 20 years. Yet the media blacked out the story as if it were Hunter Biden's laptop.

How about Obama's actual actions as president? Almost every move made by Obama for eight years was anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian. His Iran Treaty was the most devastating anti-Israel contract ever proposed by any U.S. president. Obama gave everything including the kitchen sink to Iran, a nation that supports Islamic extremism and terrorism all around the world.


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