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The Annual Root Turkey Award Winners of 2022... and the Perfect GOP Ticket for 2024, Trump/DeSantis!

Wayne Allyn Root on

Happy Thanksgiving. This has been quite a year. Normally I release my annual "Root Turkey Awards" -- for the biggest winners and losers of 2022. But I'm going to only announce my big winners this year. Because we all need a jolt of positivity.

I'm sure the media and his critics consider former President Donald J. Trump the loser of the year. It's been a rough year: The entire U.S. government leadership is out to destroy Trump. He has the D.C. swamp, deep state, every establishment politician from both parties, every CEO in America owned by China, the entire mainstream media and the attorney general, Department of Justice and FBI out to take him down; ruin his life; and prevent him from ever running again.

Congratulations, President Trump: You are the most wanted man on the planet Earth!

But I've always been a contrarian. So, my pick for biggest winner of the year is Donald J. Trump. Precisely because the whole world is against him. Because the odds are stacked against him. Because every "expert" in the media and political world thinks he's "damaged goods." For three weeks now every article in both liberal and conservative media has worked overtime to convince you Trump is finished.

Yet despite all of the attacks, Trump is still standing. In perfect Trump in-your-face-style, he just announced he's running for president of the United States again. And he's still the prohibitive frontrunner. Three recent national polls tell the story. The latest Emerson poll has Trump ahead of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the GOP presidential nomination by 30 points. The latest Harvard CAPS-Harris poll "only" has Trump up by 18 points. Another poll shows Trump leading Biden for president 44 to 42, while DeSantis is only tied with Biden.

After all the hate, vitriol, slander, blame, unprecedented raids on his home and premature political obituaries by the media, Trump is still the frontrunner to become the 47th president of the United States.


That makes him my "Annual Root Turkey Award" winner of the year.

But close behind, nipping at his heels, is a tie between DeSantis and the entire state of Florida. Florida makes my list of winners of the year for having the best governor in America; the best economy in America; the most freedom from lockdowns, masks and dangerous vaccines of any state in America; and the best election fraud prevention system in America.

DeSantis made sure no one can rig, cheat or steal elections in Florida. There are no universal mail-in ballots allowed; no ballot drop boxes; no ballot harvesting; no counting ballots for days after Election Day; the strictest laws against voter fraud in the nation... and Florida has voter ID requirements. Because of that, you can't cheat in Florida.

Result? The GOP won a red wave landslide in Florida. DeSantis and Rubio won in landslides. The GOP won everything up and down the ticket -- proving if there's no cheating, Democrats have no chance.


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