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Here Are the Issues That Will Destroy Democrats in the Midterms -- Unless GOP Is Blind, Deaf, Dumb or Complicit

Wayne Allyn Root on

Never in the history of America have these words applied more perfectly:

"Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?" -- Chico Marx in the 1933 movie "Duck Soup"

The Democrats are so dumb that they're literally handing the midterm election to us -- because anyone with a brain can see the disaster perpetrated by President Joe Biden, his radical Marxist handlers, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Congress and pretty much every other Democrat politician across America.

This is a full-on communist attack and takeover of the United States. They're destroying the economy and trying to wipe out the middle class. Anyone can see the disdain, disrespect and hatred Democrats have for middle-class and working-class Americans. And, in particular, their obsession and crazy level of hatred for white, straight males.

The question is, is the GOP too blind, deaf, dumb or complicit to take full advantage of what we can all see with our own eyes?

We don't want the GOP politicians or campaign consultants to decide the priorities or design the TV ads. They're so ignorant, bribed, blackmailed, cowardly and/or complicit that they couldn't find sand in the Vegas desert. They have no clue what average, everyday Americans think.


I'm an S.O.B -- son of a butcher. And I always think like my father, the butcher. I have more understanding of what working-class and middle-class American voters are thinking than all the political bigwigs in D.C. combined, SQUARED.

But instead of telling you what average voters think, I actually asked them. I polled my 20,000-person database of Wayne Root fans. I asked a simple question...

"What do you think is the No. 1 most important issue for the November midterms?"

And here is what I found out. This is EXACTLY what the average working-class and middle-class American voter is thinking.


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