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Yes, Trump-DeSantis Would Be a Great GOP Ticket in 2024, But It's Not Possible... Unless This Happens.

Wayne Allyn Root on

Before I get to Trump-DeSantis, first a few observations about recent GOP primaries.

Congratulations to Kari Lake and to the people of Arizona. Kari may very well be the best GOP candidate in America, and she will make the best governor Arizona ever had. If she is elected in November, I guarantee you we'll have fair and honest elections moving forward in Arizona. Which means in 2024, former President Donald Trump wins Arizona.

After Tuesday's GOP primaries, this is now 100% the Trump "America First" Republican Party. Trump won. Establishment RINOS lost. The D.C. swamp lost. The "deep state" lost. You won't hear that in the media.

Secondly, I love what Lake's victory represents. The media ignores the fact that the McCain brand is now finished in Arizona... while the Bush brand is finished in Texas and Florida. Within days, the Cheney brand is finished in Wyoming. And although he isn't running this year, Sen. Mitt Romney is finished as well. I'm on vacation in Utah right now. Romney is the most hated Republican in the history of Utah. He will never run again.

All these famous Republicans have ruined their political careers and legacies with their insane "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

What explains their bizarre hatred and obsession with Trump? Trump is the best thing to ever happen to the GOP. These losers are either bitter and jealous of his success and popularity within the GOP, or they represent the D.C. swamp and are scared to death that Trump is killing the goose that laid the golden egg (they won't be able to get rich by ripping off the taxpayers anymore) -- or both.


Finally, I must ask the question no one in the media will...

Is U.S. Sen. Tim Scott clueless? I was a huge Scott fan. I loved the fact that a black conservative could be elected in a Southern state (South Carolina). I believed Tim Scott was the future of the GOP.

Then days ago, Scott made the worst decision of his career. He endorsed Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, perhaps the worst RINO ever. I'm a lifelong Republican conservative. No one can question my GOP credentials. And I despise Murkowski. She is a female Romney. Everything she says offends me. She is worse than a Democrat. With every vote, she does damage to the GOP brand.

Tim Scott just badly damaged his political career. What was he thinking?


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