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My List of Studies and Government Data from Around the World That Show the COVID-19 Vaccine is Dangerous, Deadly and the Worst Health Care Disaster in World History!

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Two remarkable things happened last week. First, I wrote a column about my own personal COVID-19 vaccine death and disease cluster. I wrote about my wedding on Nov. 21, 2021, to the beautiful Cindy Parker Root. We're still in our honeymoon year as that was only eight months ago. But a strange and tragic thing has happened since that date. Thirty-three people that my bride Cindy and I know have either "died suddenly" or have suffered severe health issues. Thirty-three. That is a remarkable number. That is an unimaginable number. That is an impossible number. That is a one-in-a-billion number.

Even more remarkable, I did my research and found out all 33 have had the COVID-19 vaccine. Yet since that same date eight months ago, not one person we know who is unvaccinated has either died or gotten seriously ill. Quite a case study. Quite a damning cluster of death and disease for one group: the vaccinated.

I hate to be harsh, but if you see that story and don't believe something is very wrong... don't suspect the COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous and deadly... don't demand an investigation... don't have questions... or still trust anything the government, President Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or your own doctor says about the COVID-19 vaccine... you're a brain-dead sheep.

The second remarkable thing that happened last week: I was a guest on "The Brannon Howse Show" on Mike Lindell's Lindell TV, where I told this remarkable story. I also mentioned that over the past year I have compiled the most detailed and comprehensive list of credible medical studies and government data from around the globe that I believe prove the COVID-19 vaccine is a dangerous and deadly disaster -- and I offered to share it with anyone who emailed me.

I expected to get 50 requests. And I was prepared to sit down at my computer and email my list to each of them. Instead, I received thousands of requests from the viewers on Lindell TV. THOUSANDS. I've lost count because they are still coming in one week later.

But suffice it to say, I've been both a host and nonstop guest on TV and radio for almost 40 years and I've never in my life seen a response like this.

The biggest retailers in America have always said that each letter or email from a viewer, listener, fan or consumer actually represents thousands of people, because very few people ever get off their couch to take action.

At this point, I realized a couple of interesting things. First, I have one heck of a unique story about the COVID-19 vaccine that Americans want and need to hear.

Second, Mike Lindell has been mocked and slandered by the liberal media, but it turns out he is a hero to average, everyday Americans. Based on the remarkable, over-the-top response after my guest appearance, Lindell has an audience of millions of Americans on his streaming TV network. Lindell TV's audience responds in numbers bigger than Fox News! And the mainstream media hasn't got a clue.

Third, because the mainstream media and social media have banned or censored all the government data and studies from across the globe that suggest the COVID-19 vaccine is the worst disaster in the history of health care, it's clear the American people are clamoring to finally hear the raw truth.

So, rather than continue to sit in front of my computer for hours a day sending out my list one by one to thousands of wonderful Americans who want to hear the truth, I've decided to just release the entire list right now, right here, for all the world to see.


I hope you appreciate my thousands of hours of research. I don't believe anyone else has yet compiled it, categorized it and put it in one place for the whole world to see.

I'm not an inventor, or creator, or adventurer. I haven't ever discovered cures for disease. I know my role. I'm a conservative talk show host. I'm Paul Revere updated for the 21st century. My job is to spread the news, loudly, from the highest mountaintops. Except I've updated Paul Revere's warning from "The British are coming! The British are coming!" to...

"The vaccine is a killer! The vaccine is a killer!"

So, where can you go to see literally all significant studies and government data releases from across the globe that show once and for all that the COVID-19 vaccine is the most dangerous and deadly disaster in history? Go to my site, Click on "COMMENTARY" on the top navigation bar and there it is -- the very first story at the top.

Please share this story with everyone you know -- before it's too late.


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