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Donald J. Trump Must Become House Speaker!

Wayne Allyn Root on

The Supreme Court just stuck a dagger in America. They made five great rulings. They enraged Democrats from coast to coast. Overturning Roe v. Wade was the first blow. They supported guns. They supported prayer. They supported voter ID. They stopped the Environmental Protection Agency's climate-change overreach. Republicans rejoiced.

But sadly, they fooled us. The Supremes saved the worst for last. In their final decision, they reversed former President Donald Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy. That one decision just overwhelmed all the good they did. That last decision was the one that mattered.

The Supremes just opened the door to the end of America. They just opened the borders. Tens of millions will come. Why not? There's now nothing to stop them. They just won the lottery.

What good is saving the babies if you're going to destroy the country they're born into? What good is saving babies if you just stole their future? What good is saving babies if you're going to let millions of criminals, terrorists, pedophiles, child sex traffickers and tons of fentanyl into the USA?

What good is saving babies if you're going to paralyze the school and health care systems of America with tens of millions of new foreign invaders with their hands out and mouths open?

With negative GDP we're almost certainly already in recession, combined with a baby formula shortage and, coming soon, a terrible food shortage. And at this moment we open the floodgates?


Congratulations to the Supreme Court: You saved a few babies (only in red states, by the way), but you killed our country.

There is only one answer now. One small window. One final possibility to still save America...

Donald J. Trump.

We need Trump now more than ever. Only Trump has the cajones to stop this madness, this self-destruction, this national suicide. Trump is the only one who can bring us back from the abyss.


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