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Our Nation Is Being Run by a Secret Obama Government! This is Treason!

Wayne Allyn Root on

Stop trying to pretend this isn't treason. It is. Stop trying to pretend this isn't the purposeful, intentional destruction of America. It is.

Stop trying to pretend this is "politics as usual" or a "political disagreement." It's not. Stop trying to pretend everything is going to be all right. It's not.

America is in a dire situation. I believe we are in the worst situation in the history of America. We are hanging by a thread. It isn't over just yet. But it's the ninth inning, and we're down 8-0, with two outs. The situation is that dire.

We are dealing with radical communist traitors. Domestic terrorists and suicide bombers out to destroy the greatest country, economy and middle class in world history.

The time to act is now. Or we will never make it to 2024.

The GOP leadership is blind, deaf and dumb. They can't see the forest for the trees. They can't read the tea leaves. This isn't right versus left. This is love of God, country and capitalism versus radical communist traitors, hellbent on the destruction of America. This is sanity versus insane, wild-eyed, radical nutjobs.


Plain and simple, this is TREASON.

Ninety percent of GOP candidates running for office across America right now have no clue how dire this situation is. Some are pure frauds. Some are RINOS. Some are dumb as a tree stump. Some are clueless and delusional. Many are bought and paid for by China -- just like their Democrat counterparts.

It turns out Sen. Joe McCarthy was right; he was just early. The communist traitors are everywhere in government, political leadership, public education, universities, unions, the mainstream media, social media, Hollywood, judges, lawyers, even in the leadership ranks of the military and police. Communist traitors have infiltrated every level of government, society and industry.

And I know their plan. I learned it at Columbia University, class of 1983. My classmate was Barack Obama. I believe Obama is now the leader carrying out this plan. He is the "shadow president of the United States" -- i.e., operating from the shadows while dummy dementia puppet President Joe Biden serves as decrepit front man.


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