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'The Biden Blitzkrieg' is Destroying America as Fast as Nazis on Methamphetamine!

Wayne Allyn Root on

I'm a Jewish American and I understand my history. The speed with which President Joe Biden and his Marxist handlers are destroying America and the U.S. economy has never been seen in world history -- except for Nazi Germany.

I call this "The Biden Blitzkrieg."

I compare what's happening to America today to the Nazi blitzkrieg. The Nazi Army conquered Europe at a speed never before seen in world history. Do you know how the Nazis did it?

Hitler pumped his troops with methamphetamine (i.e., speed).

That's right, the Nazi Army was literally drugged with speed. They became superhuman speed freaks who could run, fight and kill 24/7 for weeks on end -- until their bodies collapsed and died of a heart attack, or they were killed in action. This is how Hitler conquered each country in Europe in a matter of days.

Let's now reflect on the speed and depth of the destruction of America and the U.S. economy by this Biden Blitzkrieg. It takes your breath away. We are being attacked and destroyed from 1,000 different directions at once. The speed of the attack is stunning.


Biden must be employing a similarly energized army of lawyers, bureaucrats, regulators and radical Marxist activists to carry out this vicious 24/7 attack on the American people and American business.

Bookmakers across the world have made former President Donald J. Trump the huge favorite to win the presidency in 2024. All that's well and good. But I have bad news for America: We aren't going to make it to 2024. America is hanging by a thread.

America and the U.S. economy are being destroyed so fast that I'm not even sure we can make it to the November midterms.

Ask the smartest billionaires in America. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, just warned that an "economic hurricane" is about to hit America. Then John Waldron, the president of Goldman Sachs, added that he has never seen so many major "shocks to the system" facing our economy at one time.


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