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I'm Proud to Be 'ULTRA MEGA MAGA'!

Wayne Allyn Root on

President Joe Biden had his radical Marxist cabal working 24/7 for six months to come up with a derogatory name to brand and insult Trump supporters. These clueless brain surgeons came up with "ultra-MAGA."

Horror. What a terrible name. Shocking. Humiliating. I don't think I'll ever recover.

Actually, the Trump Nation is smiling. We love the name. We're proud to be "ultra-MAGA." Thank you. We love it so much we have added to it. Forever more I proclaim us to be...


Because what MAGA represents is pretty wonderful: prosperity, opportunity and peace. Trump's four years as CEO and commander in chief led to an amazing economy, easily the best of my lifetime, maybe the best ever (until COVID-19 hit). And the lowest rates of black and Latino unemployment in history. And low interest rates, virtually no inflation, plentiful and cheap energy and secure borders. Add in the greatest middle-class income growth in history and low taxes. How about on the world stage? No wars, peace throughout the world, the destruction of ISIS, no embarrassing retreats like Afghanistan, no threat of World War III with China or Russia.

What a great four years! I'll wear the ULTRA MEGA MAGA badge with honor. But two can play at that game. Let's define the Biden era.


What is the definition of "ULTRA BIDEN"?

The stock market is crashing. Economic growth is collapsing. Worker productivity is the lowest in a half century. Half the babies born in America are born on welfare. Interest rates are rising. Inflation is exploding. Home sales are cratering. Gas is headed for shortages, gas lines and $10 per gallon. Grocery prices are exploding to unimaginable levels. Massive food shortages are coming. Baby formula shortages are a reality. It's only going to get much worse this summer.

It's kind of hard to believe, but the formerly great and prosperous America could soon have shortages of food, gas and baby formula all at once.

We've had open borders for a year and a half now (since the day Biden took office), but on May 23 if Title 42 is lifted, we will all see something shocking at the border. Millions will pour through over coming weeks: criminals, gang members, MS-13 murderers, terrorists and poverty-stricken migrants, many spreading diseases like COVID-19, requiring cradle to grave welfare and billions of dollars in social programs, health care and police/court costs. They will overwhelm the economy and our immigration, education and health care systems. This could all start next week.


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