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I'm Proud to Be 'ULTRA MEGA MAGA'!

Wayne Allyn Root on

If that isn't bad enough, ULTRA BIDEN claims COVID-19 is back, New York is back to masks (and I'm guessing soon, lockdowns and vaccine passports), just in time for midterm elections. Worse, Biden wants to hand over sovereignty and control of our country, economy and health care to the Communist China-controlled World Health Organization. If this treaty passes, the WHO could declare an emergency for either health or "climate change" to order masks, forced vaccines and lockdowns tomorrow and not one political leader in America would have a say. That vote also comes within days. Goodbye America.

Yup. ULTRA BIDEN is giving our country away.

Have I mentioned the violent crime, theft and shoplifting wave across America? How about big cities that look like war zones. with homeless peoples' tents, drug needles, poop and pee all over the filthy, crime-ridden dangerous streets?

Add in small businesses closing by the thousands each day because there are no employees; no one wants to work in ULTRA BIDEN.

Then there's the censorship, banning, government agencies called "Ministry of Misinformation" to persecute anyone who disagrees with ULTRA BIDEN, the Department of Justice ready and willing to punish and prosecute parents at PTA meetings, while "woke" Democrat district attorneys let every murderer walk free.

Then there's the education system, aka brainwashing camps where students are indoctrinated in communist, anti-American, anti-white, transgender and sexual identity ideology.

How about giving another $40 billion away to Ukraine, which I believe is the most corrupt nation in the world, while we are broke and $30 trillion in debt, with an American middle class unable to afford housing, gas, groceries or baby formula?

One more Biden "greatest hit": He left $80 billion of military equipment on the ground in Afghanistan in the most humiliating retreat in U.S. military history.


Does the U.S. military have enough equipment left after the Afghanistan and Ukraine giveaways to fight Russia or China in WWIII? We may find out soon: Biden is spoiling for WWIII to cover up the disaster he's created at home. Are you ready to fight a nuclear war with China and Russia? Are you ready to be living in a country turned into "Mad Max"?

You can see it coming. All because we let a braindead zombie puppet with dementia steal the 2020 election, thereby putting the White House in the hands of former President Barack Obama, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and the Chinese Communist Party.

It's ugly, frightening, disgusting, disgraceful and potentially the final destruction of the greatest country in world history, at a speed no one has ever seen before.


I'm proud to be ULTRA MEGA MAGA.


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