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Calling All Conservative Billionaires: I Have the Plan to Save America and the GOP

Wayne Allyn Root on

Lots of Republicans have ideas and plans to find better candidates and to raise more money for 2022 and 2024, but that's not the answer. These plans won't work.

Take my home state of Nevada as an example. Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 but still lost Nevada by about 27,000 votes. Then, in 2020, when Trump got the most votes of any Republican candidate in the history of America, he lost Nevada by about 33,000 votes.

Nevada is a purple battleground state, just like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Trump lost those six states by razor-thin margins. That was the whole enchilada. If Trump wins four of those six states, he wins the presidency by an electoral landslide.

The answer is simple: We need more Republican voters in those six battleground states. And we need strict voter identification laws to prevent voter fraud.

We also need more GOP voters in Florida and Texas. If we ever lose either Florida or Texas, the GOP can never win another national election.

I have the answer.


"It ain't bragging if you can back it up," Muhammad Ali said. I agree. I'm one of the best TV and radio pitchmen in history. I've sold about half a billion dollars of different products on TV and radio. I know how to sell a message.

Now I want to sell the Republican Party.

I want to start with Nevada as a test case. Once I prove my plan works for Nevada, it can be rolled out anywhere in the USA.

What Nevada needs is more GOP voters. I want to bring 100,000 to 200,000 new GOP voters to my home state. Remember Trump lost Nevada by 27,000 and 33,000 votes. If Nevada were to add 100,000 GOP voters, or better yet 200,000 GOP voters, Trump would have won Nevada by a landslide in both elections. And the GOP would control every elected office in Nevada.


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