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Biden & Democrats: 'American Lives Don't Matter'

Wayne Allyn Root on

We know Democrats support "Black Lives Matter." It's all they talk about. While I'm no fan of the Marxist BLM organization, I think all of us can agree that black lives matter. No one wants a single law-abiding, innocent black American to die needlessly.

But someone needs to ask puppet President Joe Biden and every Democratic politician in Washington, D.C., a simple question: Do American lives matter?

Because, from their actions, it's pretty darn clear that they don't. It seems like they're purposely trying to destroy the lives of American citizens.

Who in their right mind would open the borders, stop construction of the wall, invite the entire world to come to America, announce they won't deport anyone, and incentivize migrants with free lawyers, welfare, bus or air fare and, of course, free health care?

Even worse, who in their right mind would open the borders in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic?

Who'd be insane enough to demand every American citizen returning to the U.S. to take a COVID test but refuse to give COVID tests to thousands of immigrants illegally breaking into our country each day?


Who would spend $86 million on nice hotel rooms for illegal immigrants, yet ask our brave, selfless troops to sleep in freezing cold parking garages, on concrete floors, with only one bathroom for 5,000 troops?

Who would open the borders to the Mexican drug cartel, drug traffickers, sex traffickers and pedophiles? Who'd want to give easy entree to the U.S. for MS-13 murderers?

Think about the countries across the globe that hate us -- terrorist regimes such as Iran, North Korea, Syria, Somalia, Libya and our mortal enemies Russia and China. Our border is wide open and unguarded. Anyone can get in. You don't think they've noticed? You don't think they're sending spies and terrorists?

Can you tell the difference between a nice father and husband from Mexico or Guatemala, or a terrorist from Iran or Syria posing as a nice father? Of course not; no one can.


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