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Is Joe Biden fit to be president?

Wayne Allyn Root on

Before I get to the most important Joe Biden question ...

I have breaking news on the Trump economy. More economic numbers came out Friday. The U.S. economy gained a remarkable 273,000 new jobs in February, far more than the 175,000 expected. But even more powerful news: The December jobs report was revised upward by 37,000; the January report was revised up by 48,000.

That's 85,000 extra jobs no one knew about. Even in the midst of a coronavirus crisis, the Trump economy is booming. President Donald Trump is like Houdini.

By the way, to put icing on the cake, wages were up 3%. The average workweek increased. Unemployment went down to 3.5%. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more Americans are working than at any time in history.

Now let's compare Trump's results to those achieved under former President Barack Obama, Biden's old partner. Trump has added 7.1 million jobs. During the same period of his presidency, Obama lost 1.3 million jobs. Trump is up 8.4 million jobs over Obama/Biden.

That brings me to Biden, the new Democratic presidential front-runner. First, why would we turn this booming Trump economy over to Obama's partner, who presided over eight years of economic misery and malaise? Obama and Biden thought food stamps and unemployment benefits were economic growth. You want to go back to that?


But forget the terrible economic record of Obama and Biden. Forget the allegations of Biden's corruption. Forget Ukraine and China, where Biden's son allegedly made a fortune. Forget Costa Rica, where Biden's brother allegedly made a fortune. Forget that Biden is the ultimate D.C. swamp guy.

And forget the entire Democratic establishment fixing the presidential primary for Biden because it craves power, jobs, patronage and government contracts. Once elected, Biden will open up the vault and give the establishment whatever it wants, with your taxpayer dollars.

Forget all that. Instead, let's just ask about the elephant in the room. I'm going to say out loud what everyone is thinking and saying privately. Is Biden capable of being president? Has time passed him by? Is Joe "all there"? Does Biden have diminished mental capacity and cognitive decline?

These are questions that must be asked. These are fair questions for a 77-year-old man who wants the most stressful job in the world and often seems not to know what he's saying or where he is.


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