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Communist China Deserves To Be Disrespected

Terence P. Jeffrey on

The American people last year bought $75 billion worth of cellphones manufactured in Communist China and $59 billion worth of computers.

We also bought more than $39 billion in Chinese-made toys and games, $24 billion in clothing and textiles and $19 billion in household appliances.

Over the course of the year, people in this country purchased $504.9 billion in goods from Communist China, while Communist China bought only $151.4 billion from us. The result was a $353.5 billion bilateral trade deficit -- by far the largest trade deficit the United States ran with any country.

In fact, in every year since 1985 -- the first year that the Census Bureau reported the U.S.-China trade balance -- the United States has run a trade deficit with this Communist regime.

Now, the Chinese regime is vowing to conduct massive air and naval exercises in and above the waters surrounding Taiwan -- an island it does not control, but over which it claims sovereignty.

Why is it doing this? Because U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has had the temerity to visit Taiwan.


What is the difference between Taiwan and the People's Republic of China?

The people of Taiwan are free, and the people of the People's Republic are not.

"Taiwan is a democracy led by a president and parliament selected in multiparty elections," says the State Department's 2021 human rights report on that country.

"Authorities enforced laws prohibiting human rights abuses and criminalizing official corruption and prosecuted officials who committed them," said the report.


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