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When Can Government Kick Open the Door of Your House?

Terence P. Jeffrey on

This is not a true story. It is hypothetical. But is it so fantastical it could never happen?

A 69-year-old woman was walking her poodle in a public park in Northern California in late November. She was not wearing a mask.

She walked by groups of people who were.

A police officer, meanwhile, monitored her movements from the security of his squad car.

As she moved past the park into a middle-class neighborhood, he clandestinely trailed her. She walked past other people who were also out for strolls -- sometimes coming within three or four feet of them.

Being friendly neighbors, they nodded and smiled.


Then this dog walker turned into a driveway. The police officer turned on his overhead lights and pulled up as fast as he could to the front of her house.

By the time he got out of his car, she was already moving through her front door. Before she could completely shut it, however, he slammed his boot into it and knocked it open.

He then entered her foyer and asked her if she had even been carrying a mask on her walk. She said no.

He said, "You are under arrest."


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